Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Overweight Riders in 2021

Best Bike Seats for Overweight Riders

For overweight people, finding the right bike seat can be incredibly hard. Regular seats are super uncomfortable since they can be hard and simply too small to support higher weights. If you’re overweight or carrying a few extra pounds, rest assured that the right bike seat is out there, and we’re going to help you find it today. 

Below, we’ve compiled a few bike seats competing for the title of the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders. 

Best Affordable Bike Seat: Zacro Oversized Bike Seat

Zacro Oversized Bike Seat

The first bike seat that makes our master list is the Zacro Oversized Bike Seat. This one is a great choice for overweight bicyclists for lots of reasons, and we’d also go as far as to say that this one is the best in terms of affordability.

Specifically, this brand prides itself on its saddles, and in this case, the saddle is larger to accommodate overweight riders. The wider size provides increased comfort and should be suitable for both men and women. Zacro’s seat is breathable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof because it’s made of durable micro-fiber leather. 

This one has a great cushion support system as well. In fact, the seat is completely designed with comfort in mind for its rider, featuring a gel foam padding with double-density for the smoothest ride possible. In addition, there’s a shock-ball suspension system that will make bumps and small impacts easier on your body.

As installation goes, you’ll need a mounting wrench to ensure that the bike seat fits firmly in with the frame of your bike. Luckily, it has its measurements listed so that you can compare them to the measurements of your bike’s seat hole. Per the most recent listing, the measurement you’ll need is a 22.2mm bike hole, which is standard for many regular bikes. 

We’d highly recommend this one for those who want a great product that will last for years but don’t want to break the bank. So, highly consider this one, especially if this is your first time buying a bike seat designed explicitly for overweight riders.

Get it here.

Best for Road Bikes: Fizik Aliante Gamma

Fizik Aliante Gamma


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    The next bike seat on the list is the Fizik Aliante Gamma seat, a great product specifically designed for road bikes. So, if you’re someone who would love a seat to take with you on leisure or commuting rides, look no further. Without a doubt, this seat is the best for road bikes that we could find out of a wide selection. 

    One of the things buyers love about this seat is its customizability—it comes in black, green, or white colors and is logo-friendly. While the team logos may not be a big concern, you could always submit a decal you’d like to have on your bike seat for a more personalized touch. As colors go, you can pick whichever one you think goes best with the color of your bike!

    This bike seat has a carbon-reinforced nylon shell and a Kium rail, something to look out for if you want a bike seat to last you an incredibly long time. For overweight riders, it’s important to have a seat with a firm shell and strong support system to accommodate higher force. However, this might mean that the seat is a bit firmer compared to others with better cushioning.

    Overall, this is a solid overall choice, and we’d recommend this one for someone looking for a high-quality, long-lasting bike seat to complement their road bike at a great price.

    Get it here.

    Best for Women: Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women

    Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women

    Men and women can sometimes have different needs when it comes to bike seats due to basic anatomy and bone structure. A lot of women ask us questions when it comes to bike seats, so to help out we’ve found a product that we’d call the most comfortable bike seat for women of all shapes and sizes. 

    Since we’re talking about the best bike seats for overweight riders specifically, the Bikeroo seat comes in a larger size that will undoubtedly be comfortable for women wanting to get out and ride.

    Because women’s hip bones are generally more spaced out than men’s, this seat is extra-wide and provides some relief in the center for comfort and airflow during a long ride. Also, the seat features an extra-padded cushion so you won’t have to worry about aches and pains from biking. Firm seats can really be annoying after a while, so the Bikeroo hopes to solve this problem at the root.

    One of the best parts about this seat is that it’s incredibly versatile. For one thing, the bike seat is compatible with spin bikes, so if it’s a rainy day and you want to do some exercise indoors, just transfer the seat to your machine and you’re good to go! 

    Another nod to its versatility is that it has a universal mounting kit that will let you install it on almost any bike frame, if not all! That way, you won’t need a specific measurement to have handy—it will fit right in.

    Get it here.

    Best Overall: Mango Cruiser Super Wide

    Mango Cruiser Super Wide

    We should definitely let you know that in our search, we did find a bike seat that we could call the best overall for overweight riders. With unique needs, it can be hard to find the right fit, but with the Mango Cruiser seat, you might finally have just what you need.

    This one has rave reviews online, and for valid reasons. It’s an incredibly comfortable seat, with a thickly padded seat cushion to make life that much better when out on a ride. It’s much easier to go for long bouts of exercising when you aren’t feeling pain within the first 30 minutes.

    Additionally, the seat is made from a heavy-duty vinyl material, which makes it incredibly durable while still retaining its comfort. That’s hard to find! While it may not be as weather-proof as some of the other seats on the list, as long as you store your bike correctly and ride safely, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting dings or scratches early on.

    With the seat, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to go on rides of 10 miles or more without feeling any seat-related discomfort. It’ll be a relief to have a seat that can take you on adventures in prime comfort, so highly consider this one for longer rides.

    Overall, we’d recommend this one as the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders, and we encourage you to get yours before they’re sold out! They sell fast, so if you don’t see them now look out for their periodic restocks.

    Get it here.

    Runner-up: Giddy Up! Bike Seat

    Giddy Up! Bike Seat

    And now for the runner-up of the list for best overall: the Giddy Up! Bike Seat. This one is one of our top picks for many reasons, and it has a few unique features that could make it yours. 

    Firstly, it comes with a wide saddle and padded cushion for the most comfortable riding experience, but the unique part is that it comes with a reflective strip and tail light for later rides. If you’re someone who likes to exercise around or after sundown, reflective components are essential.

    Overall, it’s comfortable, shock-absorbing for smooth rides, and provides the ultimate safety.

    Get it here.


    Do I really need a bicycle bike seat for an overweight person?

    Now that you’ve had time to decide the most comfortable bike seat for overweight folks, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it. Do overweight people need unique bike seats?

    The answer is absolutely. If a rider is carrying extra pounds, there’s going to be more weight needing to be distributed over such a small space. Bike seats can be very small and hard, and that can mean misery for any overweight riders looking to have a painless experience. 

    Regardless of weight, an uncomfortable seat can really put a damper on what should be a leisurely bike outing.  

    So, it’s important that you find the most comfortable bike seat for overweight people if you or someone you know could benefit from it. Thus, it’s equally important that you know how to find the best bike seat for you—there are a lot of factors that go into it!

    Below, we’ll get into the best way to find the perfect bike seat for overweight riders. 

    How to choose the best bike seat for overweight riders

    Now, there are a lot of ways to evaluate what will be the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders—it’s deceptively complex. Not too much, but you’ll definitely want to have a good idea of what to look for in a seat before you buy.

    Here’s an overview of what to check for:

    Cover of the seat

    The cover of the seat is an important spec to check out when looking for a bike seat. Regardless of weight, the seat cover can make or break an experience riding in the rain or when sweating during a longer ride or workout. 

    So, during your search you should look for a cover for the seat that is made of a stronger material that’s thick and waterproof. 

    Saddle’s Width 

    The next thing to gauge is the saddle width of the seat. The saddle is the back part of the seat, right where you put the most weight on it when you’re riding. So, why is the saddle width important?

    Well, if you’re looking for the best bike seat for overweight riders, you’ll be wanting a saddle width that’s a bit larger. In general, you’ll want the saddle to be just wide enough to accommodate for higher weight but not so vast that chafing occurs.

    Seat Cushion

    Now, the seat’s cushion is one of the most essential things for all riders, at least in our book! A quality cushion can make your riding experience so much more enjoyable, especially if you’re the type that likes to sit back and relax when riding. 

    Look for a seat cushion that will provide support and comfort during rides—there’s no reason to buy a firm racing bike seat if you’re not going to need it!

    Seat Mounting

    To have the most seamless experience installing your new bike seat, make sure that it comes with a mounting kit. Almost all bike seats will be compatible with your bike if the correct tools come with it. Otherwise, it never hurts to have some mounting supplies on hand if you plan to change seats throughout the life of your bike. 

    Always double-check that the seat you choose will be installable on your bike!

    Suspension of the seat  

    The seat’s suspension feature will need to work with your height and preferences. When installing the seat, you’ll be able to choose how high you want the seat to be off of the bike’s frame.

    Generally, it’s imperative for overweight riders that their feet are just touching the ground when you are sitting on the seat. It’s up to you what you think will make you most comfortable when riding, so adjust accordingly for your style.

    The Nose of the bike seat

    You’ll have options when it comes to the nose of the bike seat. While the saddle supports your backside, the nose lets you control the bike’s direction with your thighs and bodily momentum. It’s more important than it may look!

    Choose a wider nose if that’s comfortable, but a thinner nose might provide more maneuverability and control over your bike.

    The durability of the bike seat

    Of course, durability is going to be one of the paramount concerns apart from comfort when it comes to finding the most comfortable bike seats for overweight riders. To ensure that you get the most out of your bike seat, don’t be afraid to invest a little bit more money.

    If you go for a bike seat that is made of strong, waterproof material, that could add years to the bike seat’s life so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new one just one year down the road.


    We hope this post helped you on your journey to find the best bike seat for overweight riders. Biking can be one of the best ways to stay active and lose weight comfortably, so you must find the best possible seats to make riding as enjoyable as it can be! We wish you well on your next ride.

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