Best Bike Racks for Honda CRV

Why Purchase a Good Quality Bike Rack?

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you must be all too familiar with bicycles. An evening spent discovering new trails is probably the best part of your day.

However, specific trails require one to drive down to them before getting to the fun bicycling part.

And let’s not forget that the mini cardio session of placing and removing the bike from your car is a hassle in itself. To rid yourself of the daily agony of wrestling your bike out of your car, we’d advise you to invest in a bike rack.

In this post, we’ll be looking at not just any bike racks but ones suitable for CRV owners.

What Should a Honda CRV Owner Look at While Buying a Bike Rack?

Honda CRV is a renowned car in America and is used domestically by a significant part of the population.

So, as a CRV owner, there are a few technical considerations you need to look at before your bike rack purchase.

Here is a brief rundown of the essential features to look into while purchasing bike racks for Honda CRV.

Load Tolerance

When it comes to bearing weight, the SUV is a genuine beast. It has a load-bearing capacity of up to 1500 pounds. This leaves you with multiple options to choose the best bike rack for Honda CRV.

Considering that the weight of one bike is around 30 pounds, you have a lot of room to load multiple on your car. Since weight isn’t a concern in a CRV, you can quickly go for a hitch-mounted rack. This vertically positioned rack is the best bike rack for Honda CRV if you need to carry multiple bikes at once. Hitch receivers have a bike capacity of up to six bikes, so no one misses the riding adventure.

In case you’re looking for a rack with a lesser bike capacity, a roof or spare tire kind will suit you.


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    Contrary to what the name suggests, bike racks can carry much more than just bikes. They can aid in making multiple adventures possible, anything from an afternoon of kayaking to a skiing getaway in the winters.

    All you need to do is mount your gear on your rack, and you’re good to go. Thus, the best bike rack for Honda CRV is one that is multifunctional and highly adaptable.

    A roof rack fits best in this category owing to its safe location and versatile design.

    Type of Bike

    Mounting a bike on your car comes with its fair share of risks. If you don’t opt for the right rack, you’ll constantly be worried about the bike damaging your car. 

    To avoid such technical malfunctions, try choosing racks compatible with the types of bikes you own.


    Bike racks are an add-on to an already hefty bicycle expense. Hence, it’s only fair to find a good balance of quality vs. price. Bike racks for honda are priced according to the quality of material and the design of the product.

    • Trunk-Mount Bike Racks 

    If you’re on a tight budget, trunk mount bike racks should be your go-to choice. You can land yourself an exceptional one in a $50 to $200 range.

    • Truck Bed and Spare Tire Racks

    If you have a little more to spend, the spare tire and truck bed racks are good options. They are priced moderately and have upstanding quality. From $120 to $200, you might be able to land yourself the best bike rack for Honda CRV.

    • Roof and Hitch Mount Racks

    The roof-mounted and hitch-mounted bike rack might seem like an extravagant purchase but trust us, each is worth its price tag. If you have $400 plus to spend on a good quality bike rack, then we’d say go for one of these.

    Safety locks

    The best bike rack for Honda CRV is one that has proper safety locks installed. Here are the different types of locks used in bike racks for honda. 

    • Hitch Lock

    A hitch-mounted bike rack comes with a hitch unit. This has a pre-installed lock that opens with specific keys

    • Strap

    The strap lock is commonly found in trunk mount bike racks. The design is a simple strap that secures the bikes to the rack’s body. Trunk mount bike racks employ this lock for safety

    • Integrated Bike Lock

    This is an anti-theft technology that comes pre-installed in the racks. Once the bike is mounted on the rack, the locksets in place automatically

    • Crossbar Lock

    Roof mount racks use this locking technology to keep the bike and car safe while traveling

    Compactness and Folding

    The best bike rack for Honda CRV can be folded into a compact structure when not in use. Even though a CRV is quite spacious, you can never have too much space in a car. Hence foldable ones should be preferred over space-consuming non-folding ones.

    Hassle-free Installation

    Once you buy a bike rack, a major headache is setting it up on your car. Each bike rack comes with different installation instructions.

    • The least amount of installation effort and tools are required by a trunk mount bike rack
    • Roof-type bike racks utilize crossbars for attachment. This is the most convenient type if your Honda CRV already has a crossbar 
    • Hitch mounted bike racks require a receiver hitch to be screwed to the vehicle for convenient attachment
    • A spare tire bike rack only requires an attachment between the tire of the car and the bike rack

    Convenience and Accessibility

    The purpose of a bike rack is to make carrying your bike easier. A big part of this is eliminating the hassle of wrestling to load and unload your bike. Hence, the best bike rack for Honda CRV would be the easiest to mount and unmount a bike from.

    In this case, our vote goes to the trunk mount bike rack as the best bike rack for Honda CRV.

    Anti-Sway Features

    While traveling, you’ll often come across uneven paths or unexpected turns. Turbulence plays a big part in causing the bikes to swing and hit the vehicle. This can cause damage to either of your rides. 

    To avoid mishaps, opt for racks with anti-sway technology, such as hitch-mounted bike racks. The swaying mostly happens in racks attached to the back of the vehicle. 

    The safest alternative, in this case, would be a roof rack.

    Miscellaneous Features

    • Compatibility with E-bikes

    Almost all bike racks can handle heavy-weight bikes such as E-bikes. The only rack not suitable for such rides is the roof rack.

    • Trunk Accessibility

    The biggest drawback of the trunk and hitch-mounted bike racks is that they block access to your trunk due to their location.

    This is a significant dysfunction of such racks. A new feature that allows the racks to tilt is one way to deal with the problem. Another is to avoid these racks altogether and opt for a roof rack instead.


    Bike racks are mostly built as one-design-fits-all models. These cover vans, SUVs, and smaller vehicles as well. However, we’ll be looking at the best bike rack for Honda CRV.

    Top Rated Bike Racks for Honda CRV

    Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101S-Bike Hitch Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack 

    Tyger Auto TG-RK3B101S 3-Bike Hitch Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    The TG-RK3B101S is the best bike rack for Honda CRV, in the case of smaller families. It can hold three bikes and is relatively light on the pocket.

    It has been designed keeping durability in mind considering the steel frame and the E-coating to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, its high accessibility allows you to get to your trunk without breaking a sweat.

    Its quick installation and low price are the deal breakers for most buyers.

    However, if you need an extra nudge to make the purchase, you should check its soft cradles. These will hold the bike in place without causing damage or dents.


    • Durable and robust
    • E-coating
    • Safety straps for bike stability
    • Security lock enabled
    • Tilts for accessibility 


    • Heavy

    KAC Overdrive K2 2″ Hitch Mounted Rack

    KAC Overdrive Sports K2 2” Hitch Mounted Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    The best bike rack for Honda CRV is one that offers convenience and functionality. Needless to say, KAC Overdrive K2 2″ hitch-mounted rack is the perfect combination of both qualities.

    It has a foldable body, making it a practical choice. In addition, it has anti-wobble features that will keep your bikes safe on it.

    It has reflectors on it for safe traveling at night.

    Moreover, the installation is a piece of cake, thanks to its pre-assembled components.

    Overall, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for high-quality, low-maintenance bike racks for Honda CRV.


    • Durable build
    • Reflectors for safety in the dark
    • Anti-sway feature included
    • Universal compatibility


    • Limited bike capacity of only two bikes

    IKURAM 2 Bike Rack

    IKURAM R 2 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier Racks Hitch Mount Double Foldable Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    The sturdy IKURAM 2 bike rack is a universal bike rack that is perfect for SUVs, vans, and smaller cars.

    The construction is robust owing to its steel frame, and the folding option makes it a practical choice. Furthermore, the lifetime warranty gives the bike rack a more extensive fan base.


    • Heavy-duty steel frame
    • Compatible with multiple bikes and cars
    • Lifetime warranty


    • Bike capacity of only two bikes

    Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted CRV Bike Racks

    Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    The award for the best bike rack for Honda CRV concerning pricing goes to the Premier trunk-mounted rack by Allen sports. 

    The reason is that this rack comes at multiple prices, depending upon the bike capacity of the rack. So, you don’t have to waste extra bucks on unnecessary bike capacity.

    Overall the rack has 12-inch arms to hold up to two bikes at a time.

    The safety features are outstanding, considering tie-down straps in addition to lower straps.

    Furthermore, there are also side straps for optimum stability of the mounted bikes. The rack can be folded to reduce space consumption.

    In addition to all the features mentioned above, the bike racks come padded to balance the bike weight appropriately.


    • Highly compatible
    • Easy installation and usage
    • Versatile price range available
    • Lifelong warranty


    • Warranty does not apply to third-party sellers

    Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack

    Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    This spare tire rack has a distinguished presence in the market. It allows optimum weight distribution on the rear tire. However, the bike capacity is up to two bikes, and it can’t be modified to add more. 

    The design is overall sound and is functional enough.


    • Perfect bike placement, at a distance from the hot exhaust
    • Wide bottom foot for even weight distribution on the rear tire
    • Individual bike safety enabled
    • Worth the price tag


    • Warranty does not apply to third-party sellers
    • Attachment is a little tricky
    • Anti-sway feature not enabled
    • High chance of rack colliding with the rear window
    • The safety strap isn’t highly functional
    • Not very accessible

    Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks For Honda CRV

    Allen Sports Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    The sturdy steel-framed 4-Bike hitch is the best bike rack for Honda CRV owners looking to transport multiple bikes. It has a bike capacity of four bikes and can be attached to a 2-inch hinge.

    The black pyre coating takes the rack to a whole new level. Add to this the one-year warranty and flexible design, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.


    • Four bike capacity
    • Extended carrying arm to secure the bikes
    • Foldable 
    • Quick installation
    • Tilt-feature enabled
    • Lifelong warranty


    • It gives away under the weight of more than two bikes
    • Not compatible with many bikes
    • High chances of bending under load
    • Not that secure
    • The extra lock needs some work

    Blueshyhall Car Bicycle Stand

    Blueshyhall Car Bicycle Stand SUV Vehicle Trunk Mount Bike Cycling Stand Storage Carrier

    Buy Now at Amazon

    Blueshyhall is the best bike rack for Honda CRV owners who want a simple yet highly functional rack to adorn their vehicle. The foldable carrier will successfully transport your bike regardless of the vehicle you own. This owes to its versatility and rubber cradle structure, making it a reliable choice. 


    • Easy to attach and use
    • Rubber cradles for protection
    • Durable design


    • Bike capacity of only two bikes

    Deluxe Trunk Mount Rack

    Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    The Deluxe trunk-mounted rack is the best bike rack for Honda CRV owners on a budget. It comes with multiple models depending upon the bike capacity you require.

    While the rack itself is pretty accessible owing to its narrow arms, it tends to make the number plate and trunk of the car inaccessible.

     Even though good safety features are incorporated, we would still not advise using it for longer journeys. 


    • Multiple bike capacity models (can hold up to 4 bikes)
    • Single configuration 
    • Padded frame
    • Durable and strong
    • Lifelong warranty
    • Easy loading and unloading
    • Affordable


    • Anti-sway features not available
    • It makes the trunk inaccessible
    • Higher chances of damage to the car  

    Hollywood Racks Recumbent

    Hollywood Racks Recumbent

    Buy Now at Amazon

    Carrying unique features, the Hollywood rack recumbent is the best bike rack for Honda CRV if you’re a real bike enthusiast. This is because the bike carrier can take on any type of bike as long as it weighs below 50 lbs.

    With the right upgrades transporting your MTB or trike will no longer be a headache. Although it can be an expensive purchase, especially with the add-ons, we’d still say it’s worth it.


    • Upgradable bike capacity
    • Versatile enough to transport a trike as well (requires you to add an adapter)
    • Extra-wide wheel holders added
    • Foldable


    • Substandard security mechanism
    • Expensive
    • Protective rubber isn’t reliable
    • Needs upgrades for optimum functionality

    Swagman XC2 Sturdy Hitch Bike Rack

    Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    This is the best bike rack for Honda CRV owners with thick bike wheels and larger sizes. Additionally, the foldable design makes it a good choice for smaller cars as well. Overall, not a bad option, although it could still use modifications and upgrades.


    • Easy and convenient to operate 
    • Assembly is hassle-free
    • Anti-wobble feature enabled
    • Allows access to the trunk
    • Can accommodate bike sizes up to 59 cm
    • Can accommodate bikes with fat tires as well


    • Carries up to two bikes only
    • High chance of bending
    • Not reliable on bumpy terrains
    • Not competent for usage in harsher weathers
    • Not the best quality

    Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack

    Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack

    Buy Now at Amazon

    This stud is the best bike rack for Honda CRV if you plan on traveling with multiple bikes. Although the rack is pricey, the features make up for the dent in the wallet. It has a dual security system with a 24′ cable lock for the bike to rack attachment and a lock knob to fix the rack to its receiver.

    Everything about the rack, starting from its features up to its functionality, screams “premium.”

    However, there have been complaints about the quality not being up to par in some cases, which makes the credibility questionable.


    • Upgradable bike capacity
    • Tool-less installation and convenient to use
    • Allows access to the trunk
    • Cable lock and lock knob ensure optimum safety
    • 60 lbs per bike weight capacity


    • Not suitable for bikes with fat tires
    • Heavy on the pocket
    • Not suitable for MTB owners
    • Quality isn’t guaranteed

    YAKIMA FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier 

    YAKIMA - FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

    Buy Now at Amazon

    YAKIMA has successfully brought the best bike rack for Honda CRV in the roof rack category to the market. 

    Its innovative features, such as the zip strip, make it easier to fix the rear wheel. In addition, since you don’t need to remove the wheel, unloading becomes a piece of cake.

    The universally compatible bike rack comes with two add-ons of “same key system” locks, so you need not worry about security.

    Conclusively, the rack has various features that make it a real catch amongst its peers.


    • Universal compatibility
    • Roof rack fit size is all-embracing
    • Easy loading and placement of bike
    • Employs SKS locks for optimum safety and security of the bike.
    • Tool and hassle-free installation


    • Bike capacity limited to just one bike
    • Costly
    • It is generally hard to load things onto roof racks

    FAQ’s Regarding Bike Racks

    Q: How Much Does a Bike Rack Weigh?

    The weight of bike racks depends on the mountings they incorporate, more the mounting options, heavier the rack. For example, a rack with a dual mount will weigh at least 15 lbs, whereas one with four mounts will weigh more than 30 lbs.

    Q: Is it Possible to Tilt a Loaded Bike Rack?

    It’s not an ideal option. We can’t say that it is impossible. However, it isn’t advised. The racks are heavy apparatus on their own. Moreover, a loaded rack can be a little too heavy, especially in the case of racks having multiple mounts. It’s better to avoid tilting a loaded rack considering the risk factor is relatively high.

    Q: How Do I Select a Bike Rack That Suits My Needs?

    You need to look at two main things—the maximum number of bikes you need to transport and the type of bikes you own. If you have simpler models, any rack will work. However, MTB or triker owners should opt for something like the Deluxe Trunk Mount Rack. If you like to ride in larger groups, go for a multiple bike capacity rack.


    This brings our list of some good quality and highly functional bike racks for Honda CRV to an end. We hope you found the type of bike rack you were looking for. Happy riding!

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