Best Bike Pumps for Everyday Use

Last updated: November 25, 2021
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Compatible with Most Valves
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Best Budget
Durable Construction and Reasonable Price
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Best Portable
Compact, Sleek and Elegant look
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Best with Gauge
Lightweight, Durable and Affordable
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Stable and Easy to Use
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All you bikers out there know how important it is to have a bike pump on hand to pump up a flat tire or top off your tire pressure. With the healthy living trend picking up around the world, more people are beginning to realize the countless benefits of taking their bike instead of their car on errands or even to work.

More often than not, people tend to own two bike pumps – one for the house and another that’s portable, because you’ll never know when you’re gonna need it!

Just as there are countless bike types out there, there are just as countless a number of bike pumps. How can you tell which would be the best bike pump for your bike?

We want to help you shop wisely so we’ve gathered our top five contenders in the bike pump market based on overall performance, budget, and specific specs such as portability, Presta valve compatibility, and gauge compatibility.

If you want to conduct your own bike maintenance, a bike pump is one of the mandatory tools to have on hand. Tried and tested, these bike pumps are sure to make the top of your list as well when you’re purchasing yours. Apart from owning it, you’ll need to know how to use your bike pump as well.

If you’re looking for more upgrades for your bike, check out our guides on bike phone mounts, bike lights, or maybe even bike locks.

Top 5 Bike Pumps

Let’s face it – you wouldn’t get very far with your bike without a proper bike pump. Whether you take your bike on long trails, work commutes, or even for short leisurely rides, eventually you’re going to need to add some pressure to its tires.

man inflating his bike tire

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who has managed to avoid any puncturing, over time tires tend to lose pressure. Similarly, some situations may require different amounts of tire pressure than others and what are you going to do when you need more air?


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    As such, bike pumps are an essential part of your biking experience, especially when you’re biking long distances. The basic two purposes of having one is either fixing flat tires or maintaining them at their recommended pressure points.

    If you have a flat tire due to a puncture, you’re going to need a tool kit to completely fix it, so keep that in mind too. It’s also highly recommended that you constantly maintain your tire’s pressure levels to reduce the risk of getting punctures, increased rolling resistance, or causing damage to your rims.

    So what should you consider and know about first before purchasing the right bike pump for you? We’ve rounded up a few things to know first so you don’t get confused.

    Valve Compatibility

    There are two main types of valve systems – either Presta or Schrader (there’s also Dunlop, a third system that is pretty uncommon). Usually you’ll find that most pumps can work with both, but it’s better to be safe and check before you buy anything.

    Bike Pump Types

    There are many types of bike pumps out there, but it depends on your lifestyle. Floor pumps are heavy and are to be left at home or in a shop, frame-fit pumps latch on to the bike and are perfect for cyclists, and mini-pumps are lightweight and offer quick solutions. There are also CO2 inflators which fit in pockets and are perfect for racers, and shock pumps work for mountain bikers that need high levels of pressure.

    Volume and Pressure Levels Required

    Some pumps out there may cost more just because they offer pressure outputs, outputs that your bike might not necessarily need and often times may impact it negatively. Your bike most probably doesn’t need pressure levels that go up to 260psi, so make sure to check before you consider the different products.

    Likewise, the volume output is depending on your bike type and usage – if you have a mountain bike, you will want a pump with high volume. However, note that pumps with a high volume output will mean a low maximum pressure.

    1. Best Overall - Vibrelli Pump with Kit


    • Pump size: 24.5 inches
    • Pump weight: 2.2 lbs
    • Material: Steel barrel, plastic mechanism
    • Maximum pressure: 160psi

    Key Features:

    • Rapid T-Valve
    • Steel barrel
    • Inflates up to 160psi
    • Bonus glueless puncture kit
    • Accurate gauge reading

    Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Glueless Puncture Kit Review

    All cyclists need a pump they can depend on, and this bike pump is actually known for being one of the best performing in the market!

    The Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge offers great performance for its reasonable price, so it’s definitely a top-tier product when you’re shopping for a new bike pump. Not too heavy and relatively stable, the pump’s steel design allows it to be durable and strong.

    Made for all bike types and styles, it has several distinctive and innovative features, such as the expertly designed Rapid T-Valve, which prevents any sort of leaking as you switch from Presta to Schrader valves.

    It can inflate up to 160 psi, which makes the pump work with both competitive and leisurely bikers. Of course, there’s also the free glueless puncture kit, which is an added bonus, so yay for that!

    The Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge comes assembled and includes attachable pressure gauge, a sports ball inflation needle, and another attachment to pump other inflatables – and all of which fit very comfortably on the side of the barrel.

    When you’re looking for a pump, it’s important to also consider how much it can easily facilitate your commute, so this pump basically checks all the boxes for us.

    While the footrest and handle are comfortable and well-designed, it’s important that you grip the handle at the center so that it doesn’t break. It’s only issues include that it sometimes gets difficult switching between the valves, but if you practice it gets easier over time.

    It’s also relatively easy pumping up to 100 psi, but even though it allows up to 160psi, it requires a bit more effort. Other than these two issues, the Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge is more or less the one!

    Overall, we believe that the Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge delivers on performance, budget, and durability. Its unique features allow it to work on all types of bikes, its weight and size allow it to be portable, and its bonus add-ons help it facilitate a smoother pumping process.

    We recommend it for all bikers out there who need a fast and easy solution to fixing their tires, both at home or on the go.

    • Is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves
    • No leaks
    • Easy to transport, lightweight
    • Easy to read and accurate pressure gauge
    • Rubber grips on base
    • Bonus puncture kit
    • Short stroke, meaning it needs more effort to pump
    • It is difficult to lock down the valve

    2. Best Budget - SAMLITE Mini Pump


    • Pump size: 10 inches
    • Pump weight: 6 oz.
    • Material: Aluminum alloy body, satin finish
    • Maximum pressure: 120psi

    Key Features:

    • High quality and strong build
    • Extremely lightweight and compact
    • Arrives with plenty of accessories
    • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves
    • Easy to install and use

    SAMLITE New Mini Bike Pump Review

    The first thing that comes to mind when you see the price of the SAMLITE New Mini Bike Pump and compare it to the price is that it’s too good to be true. Even so, it’s important to point out the necessity of having a mini bike pump on hand at all times because you don’t know when you’ll need it.

    Interestingly, we found that this pump performs almost exactly the same as any of the more expensive ones, so let us guide you through the reasons why we picked this one.

    First, it’s super easy to carry the SAMLITE New Mini Bike Pump around – you can latch it on your bike or by using the two screws delivered in its packaging in the mounting kit.

    Second, the aluminum alloy it’s made out of is really durable, while the satin finish allows it to look nice and elegant.

    Third, it’s compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves and it’s very easy to switch between both of them, in a hassle-free way.

    Generally speaking, this pump is very easy to use, even if you’re not experienced. It has a high pressure barrel, and all you have to do is follow the instructions when setting everything up.

    Finally, you’ve got a bunch of added items shipped with it – a bike bell, a mounting kit, a glueless puncture repair kit, a sports needle, and repair tools. There’s a plastic case that will arrive with all the repair items in it with an instruction guide on how to use them.

    With that price, the SAMLITE New Mini Bike Pump is a major contender in the market! The glueless puncture repair kit is especially important to have with you in case you get a flat tire at any time.

    The gauge is accurate, easy to read, and actually integrated in the pump’s handle. The only thing we’ve noticed though it’s not 100% accurate – it can be off by +/- 10psi.

    If you’re the type of cyclist to prioritize accuracy, maybe you’ll want to skip this one. But other than that, you’ll be fine, at least for a top up, or if you have another gauge.

    This innovative and convenient gadget is one of the most important purchases you can make, as it’s not only functionally essential, it also comes with other crucial items that you’ll definitely be using.

    • Reasonable price
    • Easy to read, built-in gauge
    • Lightweight design and durable construction
    • Bonus puncture repair tools
    • Includes a bike bell
    • Includes a mounting kit
    • May have issues with properly inflating tires to the fullest
    • Does not easily deflate tires

    3. Best Portable - Vibrelli Mini Pump


    • Pump size: 20 centimeters
    • Pump weight: 8 oz.
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Maximum pressure: 120psi

    Key Features:

    • Super Fit Clever Valve
    • Pumps to 120psi
    • Includes mounting bracket and Allen Key for easy attachment
    • Includes self-adhesive repair kit
    • Includes sports needle
    • Lightweight

    Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit Review

    While portable pumps should not be your primary ones, they’re a quick and easy way to add air to your tires. Designed to be convenient to carry, the Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump has surprisingly more power than you’d think.

    It’s engineered for high performance, so it can easily work with professionals just as much as casual bikers. There’s an outpouring of positive reviews about this pump, so it’s a guaranteed solution to fixing your bike’s tires.

    This Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump’s versatile nature actually makes it one of the best pumps on the market. Not only is it durable, but it also works with both Presta and Schrader valves, so you won’t need to have an adapter on hand.

    Using the unique ‘Super Fit Clever Valve’, the switch can be done easily and with no leaks! Another distinct feature is its extendable telescope, letting you switch from high pressure to high volume at a moments notice.

    Its other features are just as important. It can pump up to 120psi, has ergonomic handles, and is lightweight even though it’s made out of durable 6061 aluminum alloy.

    The Velcro straps easily latch it onto the bike, and is both strong and compact. A big bonus is that it arrives with a glueless puncture repair kit so you can fix a flat tire anytime, anywhere.

    While the Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump is ideal for a portable pump, it can use a couple of improvements – just like any product out there.

    First, it is quite difficult to reach 120psi as per its claims. Many buyers have reported that it’s ideal for low pressure but requires quite a bit of effort for high pressure. Those with tires requiring 60psi and above claimed that it needs more strength than the average person has.

    Our verdict is that the Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump is still our top pick for a portable pump, even with its limitations, with its pros outweighing the cons any day. While it’s good to have on hand, we recommend that you have another pump somewhere at home so that it’s not the only pump you need to depend on.

    While any mini pump is a necessity, keep in mind it’s naturally smaller size, so you will exert more effort in pumping. But overall, it’s the way to go!

    • Super compact
    • Looks sleek and elegant
    • Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves
    • Includes repair kit
    • Includes mounting bracket
    • Has an extendable telescope
    • Very responsive customer service
    • Good value for money
    • Difficult to reach the maximum psi level

    4. Best with Gauge - Pro Bike Tool


    • Pump size: 8.8 inches
    • Pump weight: 7 oz.
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Maximum pressure: 100psi

    Key Features:

    • Oversized piston design
    • Faster pumping power and accurate inflation
    • Lightweight and compact
    • All-aluminum design, increasing durability
    • Tight connection
    • Secure mount bracket

    Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump with Gauge Review

    This pump delivers on all aspects you can look for in a pump – size, weight, durability, performance, compatibility, and pumping power. Starting with its design, the pump is easy to use and made out of high quality aluminum.

    The pump itself is quite versatile and can be used for several applications. The main feature that stands out is its construction, which has a flexible hose stowed in the handle and an integrated pressure gauge.

    However, while it has great pumping performance, it could use a bit of enhancement when it’s compared to other pumps in terms of high pressure and high volume. It’ll also require more effort when pushing past 80psi. Its handle and barrel are easy to grip firmly with grooves designed specifically for that, and the integrated gauge is accurate and easy to read.

    The brand itself, Pro Bike Tool, prides itself on convenience by providing the ultimate user experience through good quality products and services. Because it’s so easy to use and has great features and performance indicators, we believe that it delivers on its promises.

    It’s compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves with removable cores, boasts an innovative flexible hose design, as well as a compact and lightweight design.

    Basically, the Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump with Gauge gets the job done. It’s perfect for both road and mountain biking, so it’ll work whether you’re heading for an outdoor adventure or just commuting to work.

    We believe it delivers on both design and functionality, providing the perfect balance between both to ensure a smooth process – especially that it’s a bargain considering its performance and value. While it’s not the cheapest out there, we recommend it if you’re on a budget and looking for a long-lasting bike pump.

    • Lightweight, small size
    • Easy to use
    • Durable
    • High pumping performance
    • Reasonable price
    • Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves
    • Difficult to go beyond 80psi
    • Could use more enhancements with regards to high pressure and high volume
    • Valve removal can be difficult

    5. Best with Presta Valve - BV Ergonomic


    • Pump size: 24 x 9.5 inches
    • Pump weight: 2.5 lbs.
    • Material: Steel
    • Maximum pressure: 160psi

    Key Features:

    • Specially designed lockable valve head
    • Long steel barrel allows for more air to be pumped
    • Large and easy to read gauge
    • Stable base and large handle
    • Comes with inflatable device and sports needle

    BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump Review

    As with almost all the pumps available nowadays in the market, the BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, and its exceptional features encouraged us to recommend it even if all you need is a pump for Presta valves only.

    Weighing around 2.5 lbs, standing tall at 24 inches, and pumping out a maximum of 160psi, this pump is easy to use because of its size.

    The BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump’s construction and design is what makes it stand out among its other contenders!

    The first thing that’s unique about this pump is that its hose measures around 34 inches and is able to pivot the full 360 degrees to make the process of pumping for you easier. Its size also allows the integrated gauge to be larger, making it both easier to set to the desired pressure and easy to read.

    It has an oversized base as well as oversized handles so you can pump more air and also get a firm grip as you do so. Finally, the base is strong and sturdy, meaning no effort is wasted as you pump!

    Given this pump’s versatile nature and since it comes with a sports needle and inflatable device, it can pump anything ranging from tires, sports balls, and even pool floats. Its size allows you to be able to pack it with you in your car as you go on outdoor excursions, camping trips, or holidays – which is a real plus here.

    The only issue we’ve noticed with this pump is that it’s not super efficient when it comes to inflating larger tires – instead it’s mostly perfect for the smaller tires.

    But all in all, with the BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump your pumping experience is guaranteed to be smooth and without much pumping effort from your side.

    The bottom line is that it’s efficient, compatible with all valves, and easy to use – which is exactly what you should be looking for in a pump.

    • Compatible with most valves
    • Accurate and easy to read large gauge
    • Useful add-ons
    • Has a long hose with a 360 degree pivot
    • Lockable valve design prevents leaks
    • Stable and sturdy base
    • Hard to follow instructions

    Bike Pumps: Frequently Asked Questions

    What Material Should I Look for When Buying My Bike Pump?

    That will depend on your budget, as the material that the pump is made of will often match its price. The more expensive the pump will be, the more metal it will have. Metal pumps are more solid, sturdy, and durable. They’re also able to be deconstructed and reconstructed, so they’re worth it if you can afford it. On the other hand, the cheapest option is plastic and users have often found that pumps made out of plastic wobble and eventually wear out.

    Why Does My Tire Lose Air in the First Place?

    Basically, there are two reasons for your tires to deflate. First, your tire has experienced a puncture - but that’s easily solvable. All you’ll need is a self-adhesive patch for a fast solution, or if you have the time you can use a more traditional kit.

    The second reason is that over time, air escapes the tire because the tubes are naturally not airtight and even tubeless tires leak air. If this happens often and your tubes are old, it might be time to replace those tires. You can always double-check by pumping and seeing if they hold the air/pressure for long.

    How Often Do I Need to Pump My Bike Tires?

    Honestly, it’s important to keep up your bike’s maintenance by constantly checking and pumping its tires. While bikes hold only a small amount of air, they’re under a lot of pressure and air will naturally escape. Over time, enough will escape that you’ll need to pump more air in, and that depends on the tire size and the pressure required.

    If you have a high pressure road bike, pump at least once a week. Hybrid tires should be pumped every two weeks, and mountain bike tires once every two to three weeks.

    What’s the Difference Between Presta and Schrader Valves?

    With a Presta valve, the valve is secured with a screw that ensures it’s closed, however either way the valve automatically closes when the pressure inside the tire seals it shut. They’re mainly on bicycles, mountain bikes, and road bikes, and are more delicate than Schrader valves. Because of their locking mechanism, they’re slightly easier to inflate.

    Alternatively, Schrader valves are actually the ones used on car tires and are more commonly found on lower-end bikes. It’s basically a hollow tube with a spring that closes automatically and screws onto the external body of the tire, with a dust cap that fully seals the valve. It’s also important to note that you need to protect this kind of valve as it may potentially be exposed to dirt and other contaminants.

    Best Bike Pumps for Everyday Use: Top 5 Picks — Bike Hacks