BaoPham Design’s Aerodynamic Bicycle: Glancing into the Future

Earlier this year, BaoPham Design took to Instagram to reveal their 3D modeled aerodynamic bicycle design. Many of us were left in awe and brimming with questions, understandably so. Let’s break down the basics of aerodynamic cycling and what makes this concept from BaoPham Design unlike any other (or so to say).

Aerodynamics and What it has to do with Cycling

hubless e-bike

Aerodynamics essentially deals with the motion of air and the air resistance a moving object experiences, in this case, cyclists. Even on a calm day, air resistance is a drag. Quite literally. As the cyclist’s speed increases, so do the air resistance. Greater air resistance leads to greater exertion of muscle power. Let’s quickly revise our physics concepts. There are essentially two different types of drag, pressure, and friction. 

Pressure Drag: 

Pressure drag is due to the air particles hitting against the cyclist and the bicycle as they pedal forwards. This causes the particles to compress. The difference in air pressure between the particles in front of the cyclist and behind causes a drag. 

Friction Drag: 

Friction drag is due to the friction against the surface of an object. The greater the surface area, the greater the friction. This is why we often see cyclists in fitted clothes; this reduces the overall drag they experience. 

It’s safe to say that air resistance and cycling have had quite a turbulent past. Scientists and cyclists have since been working hard to experiment with ways to streamline bicycles. The aerodynamic bicycle makes up for the human body’s inability to efficiently cut through the air and can significantly reduce drag. 

BaoPham Design’s Concept: The Design

aerodynamic bicycle

Right off the bat, we see a ‘Z’ shaped frame made up entirely of carbon fiber and titanium. This futuristic e-bike also comprises paper-thin metallic handlebars and pedals, centerless wheels, rotors, and a suspension. We can also see tires that are much smoother than those in a mountain bike. 

What this Aerodynamic Bicycle Comprises of:

Centerless Wheels 

The idea behind a centerless wheel is that the force primarily focuses on the circumference of the wheel rather than the center, thereby reducing rotational inertia. 


There are two rotors on this aerodynamic bicycle. One is situated in the front, inside the cylindrical joint, and the other at the back. The front rotor will be activated once the pedals are pushed, generating electricity which will then be transferred to the rear wheel. 


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    The suspension is an essential part of a bicycle. It insulates the cyclist and bicycle from the roughness of the terrain. Although not part of the design currently, the suspension on this aerodynamic bicycle will be located between the wheels and the bicycle’s body frame. 

    Too Good to be True? 

    Aesthetics aside, we can’t help but think, is BaoPham’s aerodynamic bicycle idealistic? Having gone through the dynamics of the aerodynamic e-bike, we still have any doubts. Such as the un-adjustable saddle, inability to withstand weight, and of course, the price point, to name a few. 

    Un-adjustable Saddle 

    The un-adjustable saddle means that it doesn’t cater to varying heights. So, if someone’s taller or shorter than the particular height, they’ll probably be uncomfortable throughout their journey.

    Withstanding the Weight of a Cyclist 

     The designer confirmed that the material being used can withstand the weight of a person and doesn’t bend ‘too’ easily. However, over time carbon fiber tends to become brittle and shatter under pressure. Additionally, the ‘Z’ shaped frame appears to be flimsy as compared to other modern aerodynamic bicycles, which have a diamond-shaped frame. They’re composed of two triangles which add to the sturdiness of the bike. 

    Price Point 

     Titanium is generally more expensive than other metals, especially because they are commonly found as alloys. This makes processing them difficult. Moreover, titanium is extremely hard, making it difficult to work with. With high manufacturing costs, we can only imagine what this means for customers like ourselves. 


    In short, many aspects of this aerodynamic e-bike are still underway, and the exploded view is yet to be shared. With the above concerns put into careful consideration, the BaoPham Design’s concept looks incredibly promising. With a sleek body and only the essentials, we’re eager to see when they come out on the streets. 

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