Avoid E-scooter Accidents With These 6 Tips

The United Kingdom is experiencing a massive boom in the electric bike industry. With more than 50,000 bikes getting sold each year, purchasing an electric scooter UK has become much easier.

While electric scooters are widespread across the state, it is essential to stay safe and ride one responsibly. If you are interested in electric scooters, here are six safety tips to avoid electric scooter accidents and be safe on the road.

1. Know Your Scooter

The best way to avoid road accidents on your electric scooter is to know the vehicle better. User manuals help you understand the different aspects of your electric scooter, and you can use that knowledge while being on the road. Remember to read the user manual before you start riding carefully.

User manuals have valuable and accurate information about the scooter, its different parts, safety features, and maintenance tips. The manual usually carries all the information, whether it is about adjusting brakes or turning on the headlights. Therefore, do read it carefully.

2. Practice More

It is quite challenging to get the riding posture correct. You may feel like sitting upright with your knees locked, but this is not the proper position for a scooter rider.

A stiff body with palms clasped around the handlebars may not be an ideal riding position. Practice your riding posture more often till you get more confident about sitting comfortably on the scooter. Regular practice will help you improve your riding skills and experience.

3. Take Care While Riding Through the Traffic

The top speed of the electric scooter ranges from 30 to 50 km/h. Though it may seem slow, the speed of an electric scooter is actually fast enough to lead to an accident on the road. When navigating through traffic, remember to focus on the road and avoid any unnecessary distractions.

For example, when making turns or crossing roads, be cautious and avoid turning your head back to see any approaching vehicle. A slight shift in attention will make it difficult to concentrate, and you might bump into other people or cars.

4. Avoid Bad Roads

If you know any terrible road conditions, simply avoid them regardless of your trust in your riding abilities. Riding an electric scooter in the rain, for example, can put you at risk of slipping.

The same goes for riding in the snow or storm. As the UK experiences a fair number of days with snowfall, it is best not to take your electric scooter out for a spin in the snow.


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    5. Use Hand Signals

    It can be challenging to navigate your electric bikes through the traffic, especially when there are a lot of cars on the roads. The best way to efficiently ride through traffic is to use hand signals. Even if your scooter has electronic turn signals, it is best to use hand signals as a secondary safety means.

    6. Buy the Best Quality Electric Scooter

    Electric scooters from the top brands are made with the highest quality materials and fixtures. The finest material used for making the scooters ensures that the person riding it has the optimum control over the bike.

    An electric scooter made with the highest quality material can withstand the impact an accident creates. So, look out for good-quality electric scooters in the market.

    You can easily find the safest electric scooter in the UK with essential safety provisions like night lights, disc brakes; and certifications like CE certification that ensures quality and safety.

    Riding electric scooters is a fantastic experience. As much as it is enjoyable, you need to follow all the traffic rules to avoid accidents and be safe.


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