Avoid a Bicycle Accident With These Actions

Unless you avoid cycling altogether, there is no sure way to avoid being involved in a bicycle accident. You’re sharing the road with others, and mistakes can be made. However, there might be ways to reduce the risk. Take these actions below, and you might keep yourself much safer on the road.

Ride a Bike Suitable for Your Height

While bicycle accident lawyers are on-hand to protect your rights after a bike accident, you undoubtedly want to prevent the need for them in the first place. Riding a bike that suits your height is an excellent place to begin. If your bike is too tall or short for your size, you might not have adequate control when you need it the most.

When shopping for a new bike, read the manufacturer’s sizing chart. You might even be able to ask the shop assistant about the most suitable bike for your height. Typically, the best bike allows you to stand with your feet on the ground, with two inches of space between your groin and the bike seat.

Install Lights

It’s easy to assume that all vehicle drivers will see you since you’re riding on the road, but that’s not always true. Improve your visibility by installing a headlight and rear light. You might even like to wear a light on your helmet. Use these during the day and night to improve your visibility and make navigation easier in poor lighting.

Wear a Helmet

While a helmet might not prevent an accident, it might prevent death or severe injuries if you’re involved in one. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, the most severe injuries in bicyclists involve the head, and nearly all bicyclists who die are not wearing a helmet. Statistics from the American Journal of Surgery also showed that helmeted bicycle riders reduced their odds of a traumatic brain injury by 51%. Helmets are affordable and comfortable to wear. Put one on, and potentially improve your odds of survival should you be involved in a devastating accident.

Don’t Wear Headphones

You might enjoy listening to your favorite podcast or band while riding to work or school, but wearing headphones can be a safety risk. When you’re listening to something in your ears, you’re not listening to what’s happening around you. There’s a risk of missing the sounds of a vehicle coming up from behind you, people yelling, car horns tooting, or the sirens of emergency vehicles. You must have all your senses when riding your bicycle, so save your headphones for when you’re safely at your destination.

Maintain Your Bike

Just as you would maintain your vehicle to keep it safe on the road, do the same for your bicycle. Perform regular maintenance to potentially improve your chances of safely arriving at your destination. Maintenance can involve checking tire pressures, brakes and brake levers, and wheels for tightness. It’s a quick and easy five-minute task, but one that might prevent problems later on.

Cyclists should be able to share a road with other vehicles and arrive at their destinations safely, but accidents can happen when you least expect them. Improve your safety on the road by taking these actions above, and potentially avoid life-changing injuries.

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