Adventure Trips in Australia: Truck Toolboxes vs. Plain Bike Riding

There are two types of people out there when it comes to traveling: Those who want everything to be in perfect order and adventurists. Everyone living in Australia knows how exciting this continent’s nature can be. From deserts to forests to amazing ocean shores, it seems there’s something for everyone.

Millions of people travel for fun in Australia, but not everyone does it the same. There are many ways to enjoy yourself, from hiking through perfect landscapes to riding a bike around cities to driving trucks through the deserts in an off-road manner.

In this article, we’re talking about the never-ending debate whether it is better to go by car or enjoy yourself with a bike. Of course, everyone’s different, and there’s no right or wrong, but if you’re on the fence and you can’t make up your mind, here’s a little comparison to help you.

Going on an Adventure With a Car

There are many benefits and downsides if you choose to go on an adventure with a vehicle. Many people consider this as time perfectly spent. Driving their vehicle through unknown parts of the country, seeing nature in its rawest form, and knowing that nothing wrong can happen is something they love.

Most adventurers going on a trip with their vehicle will pack tons of items in their trunks, which they consider essential. With their giant trucks, it seems there’s room for everything to be brought along the way, but sometimes, they choose to add huge containers in the back that can act as both storage and shelter.

Lots of companies manufacture these toolboxes, and nearly any truck-type vehicle can be equipped with them. Once installed, you can store anything from kitchen appliances to creating a bedroom inside. Of course, it all depends on how big the truck is.

If you find this idea interesting, then you can look for some of the many companies creating truck toolboxes in Australia. Order one custom-made, and enjoy having your entire home on your trip in nature.

Traveling this way has some cons too. One of them is that you don’t really feel nature at its best. Driving around in a car means always being in a closed space and only stopping occasionally. Even if you decide to make camp somewhere, you still depend on your vehicle rather than yourself.

Cycling as a Form of Adventure

The other type of entertainment and enjoyment is riding a bike. This idea of a trip in nature is entirely different from the previous one. You don’t get to carry anything of the above, and you only have the necessary with you – water, some food, and maybe a first aid kit.

You don’t get to spend the night in nature under the open sky unless you carry a tent with you. Tents can be folded and take little space, so have this in consideration if you like the idea. You can have a biking adventure around the city and go back to your home after a couple of hours.


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    With cycling, you don’t pollute the environment, create no noise, and spend no money whatsoever. You get to be one with nature and experience all of its glory. You’ll enjoy the sun and the breeze in their perfect form, and after you’re done, you’ll go back home filled with happy emotions.

    At the same time, riding a bike is healthy. You do one of the best cardio exercises and promote healthy living. With every new paddle you make, you become stronger and help yourself live a better and longer life. All of this while you’re enjoying the view over the ocean, driving by the hilltop next to your city, or some other amazing nature’s scenery.

    Biking will not allow you to take the mini freezer and a pack of ice-cold beers with you, but it will give you the chance to enjoy fresh air, do a free session of the best possible exercise there is, see some stunning sights, and become healthier. Once you’re done and go back home, you’ll feel happily exhausted and have the best sleep ever.


    As you can see, biking and driving as forms of adventure trips are entirely different. The first one allows you to carry everything you may think of from your home, while the second one gives you the freedom of movement and natural enjoyment to the fullest.

    It’s up to you to decide what you love more. People enjoy life differently, so they’ll normally find one of these things more suitable for them than the other. What is important here is to know that both provide some excellent forms of enjoyment.

    The first one gives you the comfort of travel and the assurance of being safe, while the second one incentivizes healthy living and being one with nature. Choose what you think is best, and spend an adventurous weekend.


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