The Best Affordable Adult Tricycles Bike: Get Quality Without Breaking the Bank

An adult tricycle bike or adult trike may be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a convenient, enjoyable, and safe method to move around. 

Adult tricycles are a fantastic option for older adults with obesity or balance problems or anyone who wants to experience the freedom of riding without worrying about falling. These tricycles have three wheels instead of two, which gives them added stability and balance.

They are simple and secure to ride, but they are also available in various models and layouts, so you can choose one that suits your requirements and pocket. In this blog, we’ll examine some of the best, reasonably priced adult tricycles currently available in the market.

We’ll go through the benefits and features of each model and provide you with the knowledge you need to make a wise decision. You just need to wear your safety helmet and go outside without any worries.

Table: Best Affordable Adult Tricycle Bike In A Glance

Product Where to buy Price
What do we love about this

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Bike  $428-500
It features a highly comfortable padded seat, large rear basket, and easy-to-adjust handlebars.

Schwinn Cruiser-Bicycles Meridian  $320-820
It has a highly durable aluminum frame, making it ideal for everyday use.

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women  $398-600
It features an adjustable frame that can be adjusted for riders of different heights and sizes.
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle 24 or 26-Inch Wheel  $320-800
It features wide handlebars with a swept-back design for a relaxing upright riding position. Moreover, handlebars can be adjusted to the desirable height.

GRACEZ 24″ 26″ Adult Tricycle with Front & Rear Wheeled Baskets  $400-800 The tricycle comes with both front and rear baskets and can support weights up to 350 lbs. 

ANGFOU Adult Folding Tricycle Adult Tricycles  $310-400 Being a mountain bike tricycle, you can even stay in control on rough terrain. 

Razor DXT Drift Trike Yellow, One Size  $140-200 Has a strong frame to withstand rough terrains and can be used on a regular basis.

Ewheels Ew-36 Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter  $2500-3000 Is capable of reaching up to 13 miles per hour with its electric-powered battery.

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike  $470-600 Made from very lightweight aluminum and weighs only 37 pounds, making it the lightest available bike. 
Electric Bike for Adults 35MPH 750w  $700-3000
The battery has BMS safety protection. This greatly increases the safety and life of the battery and guarantees its longevity.

GRACEZ Unisex Adult Tricycle Single Speed 14 inch  $300-550 Has an attractive design suitable for both men and women.

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Bike

adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


  • Wheels: 26 inches
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Suspension type: Rigid
  • Basket: Yes

Schwinn has been producing bikes for over a century and has gained popularity among users by winning their trust. This full-sized adult tricycle is perfect for individuals who like to enjoy the outdoors. The 26-inch version of the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle with a basket adds some extra space to its older version.

With that, the front alloy linear-pull brake and a rear expander brake provide reliable speed control and secure stopping force. Plus, a locking brake lever facilitates simple loading and unloading. Moreover, the Meridian tricycle’s broad rear wheel position offers greater stability and provides riders with a more comfortable experience.

In addition, its aluminum frame already enhances its strength and beauty, which you may further improve by adding additional accessories.


  • Wider tires and frame help in a more comfortable experience.
  • Includes a wide rear folding basket.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat.


  • Only one gear/one-speed facility makes it less suitable for riding over hilly or mountainous regions. 



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    2. Schwinn Cruiser-Bicycles Meridian Adult Tricycle Bike

    Schwinn-Cruiser-Bicycles-Meridian adult tricycle bikeCheck the price



    • Material: Aluminium.
    • Suspension type: Rigid.
    • Basket: Yes.

    The Meridian adult tricycle is ideal for short visits to the store or neighborhood errands. The ideal weight limit is 300 pounds, and the suggested rider height ranges from 5’4″ to 6’2″. It has a strong aluminum frame that helps it in supporting weights up to 300 pounds.

    The upright riding position provided by Meridian’s design reduces stress on the back and shoulders; hence it is a fantastic option for long journeys and leisurely cruises as well. Moreover, a single-speed drivetrain and user-friendly coaster brake offer a comfortable, effective pedaling experience.


    • Comfortable and adjustable seats.
    • Easy to paddle and maneuver.
    • Pocket-friendly option.


    • It may be unsuitable for those who want to travel quickly due to its limited speed.
    • Not ideal for steep hills or off-road terrain.


    3. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle Bike for Men & Women 

    Mobo-Triton-Pro-Adult-Tricycle-for-Men-Women adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


    • Wheels: 16 inches rear and 20 inches front.
    • Weight: 44 pounds.
    • Dimensions: 28″W x 29″H x 48″L

    Mobo Triton Pro is one of the best adult tricycles available in the market. Its unique rear-wheel steering system, low rugged chassis, and adjustable frames provide a smooth, secure, and enjoyable ride.

    For your safety, its front free-wheel mechanism prevents backward rotation while in motion. If you’re appropriately attired with cycling shorts and shoes, you can stand out on this 3-wheeled bike for adults that comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Moreover, a free-wheel mechanism and dual-joystick steering allow easy mobility and minimal wrist, elbow, and hand pressure. 


    • Comfortable ride with a comfortable seat and reclined riding position.
    • Adjustable frame for different-sized riders.
    • Appealing design, different from traditional bicycles. 


    • Not suitable for rough terrains.
    • Limited top speed.
    • It may not be as maneuverable compared to a bicycle for adults.


    4. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Bike 24 or 26-Inch Wheel 

    Schwinn-Meridian-Adult-Tricycle-24-or-26-Inch-Wheel-Options adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


    • Wheels: 24 or 26 inches.
    • Material: Aluminium.
    • Basket: Yes.

    The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycles are a popular option for those who enjoy riding tricycles. These are available with either 24 or 26-inch wheels, each with unique qualities and features.

    The 24-inch wheel choice is appealing since it is lighter and easier to handle than the 26-inch wheel option. In addition, the tricycle is more transportable and convenient to store due to its smaller wheels. Also, because the seat is movable, it can accommodate riders of various heights.

    On the other hand, the 26-inch wheel choice offers more stability due to its larger wheels, especially while riding fast. Users can also adjust the seat to accommodate riders of various heights, exactly like the 24-inch option. However, some 26-inch models come with several speeds, which is helpful for riders who want to ride up hills or at different speeds.


    • Single-speed drive models make these adult trikes easy to maintain.
    • Wide handlebars provide a stable and balanced ride.
    • The 24-inch wheel option has a lower center of gravity.


    • The 24-inch wheel option has a slower top speed.
    • The 26-inch wheel option is heavier in weight due to larger wheels.


    5. GRACEZ 24″ 26″ Adult Tricycle with Front & Rear Wheeled Baskets

    GRACEZ-24-26-Adult-Tricycle-with-Front-Rear-Wheeled-Baskets adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


    • Suspension type: Dual.
    • Basket: Yes.

    This tricycle for adults is among the well-known 3-wheel bikes for adults with gears available in the market. The item is built of high-quality iron, comes from one of the well-known producers of electric bikes, and can handle a combined weight of up to 350 lbs for the rider and their goods. With that, It comes in 24″ and 26″ sizes, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements as both are easy to ride for disabled people.

    Moreover, the tricycle has detachable front and rear baskets that offer plenty of room for groceries, belongings, and other stuff.


    • Comfortable seat.
    • Highly durable.
    • Wide gear range and smooth shifting due to 7-speed grip twist shifters.


    • It may get difficult to assemble.
    • Relatively heavy due to weight.


    6. ANGFOU Adult Folding Adult Tricycle Bike 

    ANGFOU-Adult-Folding-Tricycle-Adult-Tricycles BikeCheck the price


    • Wheels: 26 inches.
    • Material: Alloy steel.
    • Suspension type: Rear, Front.
    • Basket: Yes.

    ANGFOU Adult Folding Tricycle is one of the cheap tricycle options for adults. You can always maintain control while riding this mountain bike tricycle, even on rugged terrain. With the movement, your circulation is boosted, muscles are strengthened, and you have more mobility.

    The 3-wheeler design of this adult mountain tricycle ensures a stable and secure ride at all times, and it can support weight up to 420 lbs. It also has a spacious fold-down rear basket to assist you in carrying groceries and other items.


    • Can easily be driven over hilly and mountainous regions. 
    • Can carry up to 420 lbs.
    • Wide gear range due to 7-speed grip twist shifters.
    • Highly comfortable seat


    • Difficult to maneuver due to its size. 


    7. Razor DXT Drift Trike Yellow Adult Tricycle Bike

    Razor-DXT-Drift-Trike-Yellow-One-Size adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


    • Material: Plastic,
    • Dimensions: 35.5 x 30.39 x 55.59 LWH in inches.
    • Basket: No.

    The Razor DXT Drift Trike Yellow is a high-quality and fun tricycle designed for drifting and sliding. It’s Super Slider POM rear wheels, and sturdy steel frame can handle the strain of drifting and sliding.

    With that, it features an adjustable, padded, and comfortable seat so you can find the ideal riding posture. Furthermore, the rear hand and front disc brakes have strong stopping power, allowing you to control your speed and maneuver.


    • Wide front wheel (20 inches) for better stability.
    • Responsive brakes.
    • Funky and attractive design.


    • Suitable for teenagers. 
    • Can handle a maximum of 198 pounds.


    8. Ewheels Ew-36 Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter

    adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


    • Material: Vinyl.
    • Seat Height: 16 inches. 

    The Ewheels Ew-36 Elite Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter is a high-quality electric scooter that offers a range of features for comfortable and convenient travel. It is a lightweight 3-wheel scooter that can reach up to 13 miles-per-hour thanks to its electric-powered battery with an operating range of up to 43 miles.

    Moreover, it has many safety features like a rearview mirror, which is helpful when driving on the road, a brilliant LED headlight and taillight, turn signals, brake lights, and a horn.


    • A lockable storage compartment under the seat and a front basket for additional storage.
    • Presence of a digital panel for speed and battery indication. 
    • Has various safety features like LED and rearview mirror.
    • Comfortable seat.


    • Prices are higher compared to many other adult tricycle options.
    • The scooter is heavy due to its 200 pounds weight.
    •  Need to recharge for longer trips.


    9. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike

    Swagtron-Swagcycle-EB-5-Lightweight-Aluminum-Folding-Electric-BikeCheck the price


    • Wheels: 14 inches.
    • Material: Aluminium.
    • Foldable: Yes.
    • Basket: No.

    Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 is a cheaper and pre-assembled electric tricycle version from Swagtron. It is usually chosen for teenagers however can be used by adults as well by readjusting easy-to-adjust seats and handlebars to the desired height. 

    The Swagcycle EB-5 weighs only 37 pounds, is composed of lightweight aluminum, and is simple to fold up for storage or transportation. As a result, you can easily take it with you on vacation anywhere you want. It’s a hybrid bike on full throttle so that you can travel up to 15.5 miles at full power and its pedal-assist feature makes pedaling more convenient and efficient.

    Amazingly, the foldable bike frame of EB-5 can support riders weighing up to 264 pounds and folds three times to fit anywhere. It only has to be charged for 4-5 hours and then you are good to go.


    • Adjustable seat and handlebars.
    • Can be easily folded and transported.
    • Battery lasts up to 15 miles per charge.


    • Battery is irreplaceable.
    • Not efficient for rugged terrain.


     10. Electric Bike for Adults 35MPH 750w

    Electric-Bike-for-Adults-35MPH-750w-Motor-Electric-Bicycle-48V-15AH adult tricycle bikeCheck the price


    • Wheels: 20 inches.
    • Material: Aluminium.
    • Suspension type: Rear.

    Motorized tricycle 35MPH for adults may sound like a bit expensive option, however, it has a lot to offer its users. This electric bicycle has a powerful 750w motor, a top speed of 35 mph, and a 48V 10AH battery. The dependable motor makes life simple by being able to climb slopes up to 30 degrees. Its 48V 10AH battery capacity can reach 30-40 miles and has BMS safety protection. This means that the battery will be much safer and last longer. Moreover, It has two seats, and the back seat alone can support 110 lbs.


    • Guaranteed safety of the battery.
    • Front and rear seats.
    • Features a powerful motor for a smooth ride.


    • Expensive investment.
    • A bit heavier.


    11. GRACEZ Unisex Adult Tricycle Bike Single Speed 14-inch

    GRACEZ-Unisex-Adult-Tricycle-Single-Speed-14-inchCheck the price


    • Wheels: 14 inches..
    • Suspension type: Dual.
    • Basket: Yes.

    This three-wheeled bicycle is constructed of high-quality iron and weighs 350 pounds with the rider and cargo on board.  Because of its stability and balance, it is a safe option for riders of all abilities and ages. Also, the 14-inch wheels size makes it simpler to navigate bumps and other obstacles on the road and offers a smooth and comfy ride. 


    • Large rear basket for cargo.
    • Adjustable seat.
    • Designed for both men and women.


    • Comparatively smaller wheels.
    • Size may not be comfortable for tall riders.



    To sum it up, adult tricycles are a great option for people seeking a secure and enjoyable means of transportation, exercise, or outdoor enjoyment. Specifically, if you have balance issues, it is an excellent choice.

    You just need to make your decision based on your preferences and affordability. There are many marketable options that are reasonably priced and offer great features, a high-quality build, and a comfortable ride.

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