7 Simple Do It Yourself – DIY Bike Repair Stands

Lately, I’ve been eyeballing some of the best bicycle repair stands and contemplating building my own. I don’t have a real garage, just a carport with a small attached shop area. The shop area has a workbench, but there’s just not much room to move.

So I’m thinking of building a movable repair stand. Something that I can put up and take down quickly, but also something that can move around a bit.

I’ve got a great covered area in my carport, but no easy hose access for washing. However, I do have 4×4 posts in both the carport and over near the hose built by some Professional Carport Builders.


7 Simple DIY Bike Repair Stands

So I’m thinking that this post-mounted repair stand (it is an old link, no more detailed pictures, sorry) might be just the thing for me such as how I write my essay.

It’s nice because it uses inexpensive standard hardware and the main body of the stand is easily moved from location to location, provided you’ve got mounts already installed.


DIY Bike Repair Stand – The PVC Option

As usual, Instructables has some nicely designed bike repair stands. This one is a really sweet-looking bench-mounted repair stand, made of PVC.

The clamp is very similar to the first version, with a PVC ‘T’ cut in half and reassembled with hinges and a clasp. The overall design is super simple and ought to be just the thing if you’ve got a workbench with a little extra room.



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    The Alternate PVC Bike Repair Stand Option

    Here’s the second design from Instructables. It’s a free-standing PVC bike repair stand. This is a pretty clever design that uses no clamp to hold the bike in place.

    The bike’s bottom bracket just rests on the stand.

    Be sure and read through the comments before beginning this build, since you may require a repair stand with a bit more stability.


    The Wooden Bench Mounted Repair Stand

    This wooden bench-mounted repair stand looks like a straightforward build. You’ll need a workbench and some pipe clamps. This one uses a bit of plumbing polyurethane in place of the foam pipe insulation of the previous builds.

    Now here’s a serious project. This heavy-duty bike repair stand is nothing to sneeze at, but if you’ve got the gear and the welding chops then get after it. This thing looks like a medieval torture device.

    The Pipe Based Option

    This fine-looking pipe-based bike repair stand uses simple and easily obtainable raw materials. The clamp looks a little overbuilt, though I bet you could use one of the PVC clamps from above without much ill effect.

    The base of the stand uses the same metal flange as used on the first repair stand in this post.

    The Wood Based Stand

    This is a really simple design for another bench-mounted bike repair stand and might be just the thing if you’ve got a workbench. The site has nice plans for the build.

    This repair stand reminds me of the old hack for using your hitch-mounted bike rack on your car as a makeshift repair stand. The idea is pretty much the same.

    Freestanding Wooden Repair Stand

    This next one is pretty interesting. I found a reference to it in various search engines, but the site was gone. Wayback Machine to the rescue!

    This design is a freestanding wooden bike repair stand that ends up looking a bit like a miniature gallows. But don’t let that deter you. If you’ve got the wood sitting around, it might be just the thing.

    If you’ve got to buy the wood, then you can probably count on not really saving any money over a cheap stand. But then again, cheap stands aren’t as much fun as building your own, eh?



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