5 Killer Looking DIY Bike Headlights

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There are a TON of decent tutorials for building bike lights. But…how can I put this gently…they are not all equally attractive. If you showed me two lights side by side and they had equal performance, I’d choose the pretty one every time. That’s probably why I’m writing this on a Mac. Ahem.

DIY Bike Headlights: 5 Stunning Designs

Anyway, here’s a quick look at five of the finest-looking homemade bike lights on the web today. This is an admittedly subjective list, so feel free to smack me around in the comments if you think I’ve overlooked the BEST. LIGHT. EVAR.

TriLux3 diy bike lights

I’ll admit, this TriLux3 is my favorite. It’s got this vaguely steampunk look that I find very appealing.

diy bike lights made of PVC with an aluminum heatsink

This light is made of PVC with an aluminum heatsink. Kinda reminds me of a stormtrooper.

silver diy bike light

This bike light is super clean looking. The cylinder gives it a sort of Buck Rogers vibe. Just needs some fins for additional heatsink!

3 diy bike lights


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    This is a really cool looking little light with excellent instructions. And I do mean little–check out some of the pictures to get a sense of the scale. With so many fins on the heatsink, it must stay pretty well cooled off.

    2 diy green bike lights

    I love the look of these sawed-off mag lites, but this isn’t the best photograph I’ve seen, unfortunately. There are several other renditions of the same concept out there…just couldn’t find ’em in time to post! Maybe a Kindly Reader will help out….

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