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Iván Akirov

The question is: Since when sidewalks are private? Ok, perhaps I ignore the fine print of your local laws but...


Sidewalks are public, but that fence may well not be. It also looks like it would take a fair bit of regular maintenance (e.g. painting) to keep it looking good. The owner may be accused of overkill in their desire to protect their investment, but the cyclist should also make better decisions about what to attach their bike to.


What's the tiny print at the bottom? I'm marveling that someone would make the effort to have stickers printed up just for "illegally" parked bicycles. Which makes me wonder, what other stickers do they have???


Yeah, that would be theft.


put up a bike rack and they wouldn't have to lock to the fence.


We have Stickers in Germany That Day "don't park on our paths" for cars that park on bike paths, but it's not like we can throw a car away.

This is obviously some anal person being a douche about their unnaturally curated "garden" I say buy a couple of old u-locks on ebay and "garnish" the fence with really shitty bikes, like old rusty non functional ones.

In my opinion that bike is making that place look better, and as for stickers on my property, I would call the cops and report vandalism. That way the person "owning" the street would get a graffiti charge.

Or just walk all over the flowers and take a dump on it... We'll maybe that crosses a line but what do I know


Also: lock your wheels!

Party King Wes

Why not post the name, address, and/or phone number. I'd be happy to discuss the issue with him or her.

mark morgan

I just had an expensive cannondale cut from a fence and discarded no warning nothing is that even legal ?


How about:

'Hi there, nice bike. Please come again and bring your friends'

Sensible businesses would be happy to provide dedicated bike parking as soon as demand can be shown. Real radical risk taking entrepreneurs might even be willing to shell out $500 or so on a rack, with the option of selling it on if the cycling revolution falters.

If it's outside someone's home, how about:

'Hi there, nice bike. Thanks for riding in and not messing up our street by parking some V8 junker here. I'd appreciate it if you could spread the love along the street so the neighbors don't think my wife is having an affair.'

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