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Bicycle Bill

This is nothing more than an electric motorcycle, in the same manner that a Tesla is an electric car, and should be subject to the same rules and regulations as any other motorcycle.  Under *NO* circumstances should it be considered in any way a 'bicycle'.


I don't see too many problems with these since similar vehicles have been around since the '60s-'70s. Conversion kits are now available that will convert a bicycle to battery or gas powered with peddle start. I've seen one on the bike trails near where I live and I don't think it can go much over 25mph.

Reverend Stevils

It really depends on how fast the little assist motor can push the bicycle.

If you're limited to something less than 20 mph, it should probably be considered a bicycle as they really won't have much more weight to them than a regular bike.

Party King Wes

Ever read the review of bikes or gear in a magazine and conclude that they never give a bad review to an expensive piece of equipment the manufacturer sent to them for free? I subscribe to Bicycle Times, and that's what I get from their treatment of electric bicycles as a whole. Revolutionary! The possibilities are endless! More people will ditch car commuting than ever! You'll get their faster and go farther! You're dad with bad knees will be able to get back on the saddle!

But there are serious safety concerns. thinking about it from the perspective of third parties that don't want to convert (myself being one) makes us ask if its fair to let these quasi-motorized machines roll in the bike lane? should they be subject to speed limits? should owners of these e-bikes be required to carry liability insurance?

and other questions: as cars come to expect some bikes to accelerate faster and maintain a higher consistent speed, will it change the way the cars interact with the rest of us?

even from the perspective of the ride there are safety concerns. when your bike gives you enough assistance to fly at 30 mph, how do we assure the breaking is sufficient without sending the average rider over the bars?

etc etc etc

but you don't hear this talk in the bicycle magazine i read. just the hope and the hype.


I don't see how this bike is scary. I've seen some crazy people put some crazy types of electric bikes with free floating batteries, etc.. that is scary. But it all looks mounted nicely.

E-Bikes fall under the same laws as other bikes, as long as they are able limited to the same speed limits. I myself of an advocate of e-bikes (and daily commuter) have speed bikes whip past me at 40+km constantly, they don't have a helmet, nor bell, nor lights, just all about speed.

Someone who has a e-bike is likely out of shape (like myself and working toward getting into shape) or has a very long commute and would rather bike than drive a car.

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