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how are they "highly resistant to lock picking" and why would "simple bolt cutters [not] do the trick"?

Those links look like a 700mm bolt cutter would go through them like butter and anyone knows that cuff keys are standard and easy to open with replacement keys.

also: 50 $ for a bike, that must have been stolen to begin with…


Now all he needs to do is learn to lock his bike properly, and hope that no one else has a key that matches the shackles.


I have to think bolt cutters would make quick work of those.

Matthew Cox

Agreed not something I would try, looks pretty flimsy, especially as bolt cutters can make short work of even the most heavy duty chains. You can get a pretty decent On Guard D lock from Walmart for around $20.

Even with a $50 bike spending a little extra to avoid the hassle of finding another $50 bike if it gets stolen has got to be worth it.


Yeah, any idiot can get a cuff key off Amazon for $3.

@ Mario I've bought good bikes from original owners and flippers for $50 or less so depending on what it is it doesn't have to be stolen. Might have been taking up space in a garage for 20 years like a couple of ours did before we got them.


These are a great idea I would totally rock these when I run down to the grocery store to grab a six pack. Probably wouldn't leave my bike locked overnight though.

For all those who are hating on this idea....just remember no lock is infallible and the most determined thief will steal any bike regardless of the $$$ of the lock. besides I think these cuffs might also have a measure of psychological deterrence.


The Helsinki police cuff their bikes too:



You can pick a pair of cuffs with a hair pin or a paper clip. They always have a few pairs of cuffs at the "Lockpick village" at the Defcon conference. Took me about 10 minutes to pick the first time. Took less than 3 seconds the second time. You just have to know what you're aiming for. Most of the time you can use a shim to open them up without even picking them.

Ralph Durham

It seems eh hot setup for going after locks these days is the battery powered angle grinder with a cut off blade. Light, not to noticeable and fast. He does need to learn how to lock his frame and at least one wheel.


Hahah maybe its not the safest lock but maybe it doesnt need to be. Because the thieves think the bike belongs to a cop!

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