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(-16 Celsius for the enlightened countries)

Way to insult an entire nation. Thanks


"2 degrees American (-16 Celsius for the enlightened countries)

Actually I think it's 2 degrees Fahrenheit (for enlightened readers)

The fairing looks cool. Does it add a good bit of drag?



Everything is relative. What is insulting to me is that over 40,000 Americans will be killed in automobile related accidents this year and yet car companies trot out commercial, after commercial showing cars racing at unsafe speeds.

Automobile drivers mow down cyclists and pedestrians and yet are frequently not charged with a crime because it is an "accident" when this happens. Sorry, running into another human while piloting a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds due to texting, drinking, eating, etc. is not an accident - it is irresponsible behavior that should be criminal.

When human lives are taken at this rate and yet we as a society just accept it - that is insulting.

As far as my 2 degrees American comment, perhaps humor does not translate on the blog - I am not a professional comedian. Consider this an "accident" that did not take a human life =)

Carry on,



Thanks for posting my Winter Rig, Matt.
Wind Screen seems to actually slightly smooth out the air flow as evidenced by coast down tests. I now rarely need to drive. Wind Chill factor -22 w/ 15 deg F & 25 mph. Early morning commutes can be the toughest, this setup can really make a difference.


George's recumbent bikes are VERY highly regarded.

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