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There were no open comments spots on the survey, so I will comment here, and hope they read this.

As a cycling Industrial Designer, I thought this was a terrible idea, and design has the environmental responsibility to stop producing terrible ideas.

There is a major drawback, which is that lots of good cargo space is lost to the choice of putting the wheel up the middle. This reduces volume and increases awkwardness of packing.

I don't see any increased benefit to sliding the carrier onto the bike, except for the gimmick factor. There are many existing trailers that provide the same ease of shopping without the lost space in the middle.


Plus the trailer I can't find, which has a simple rubbermaid bin as the box and a hitch that attaches to the rack or seatpost that functions as a handle when shopping.

So, existing solutions have no gimmicky sliding latch parts to malfunction and no loss of cargo space or awkward packing.

Mark Soderlund

The only problem I had with the survey is that they assume everyone who responds is 45 or younger. There were a few other places I didn't care for the way they presented questions, but not a bad survey.


That is a terribly-designed survey! I answered yes to a question, yet I was still forced to answer the subsequent "if you answered no, then blahblah" question. Several answers were multiple-choice, yet the possible answers didn't cover all the categories, such as age (18-21) (22-29) (30-45). What would a 17 or 50-year-old answer? The students would do well to study survey design before attempting another.


The survey was rather quickly closed for a web based survey.

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