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Yes Failblog, cheezburger and ThereIFixedit are the same people.

Back to the pic. I realize this is BikeHacks and all, but seriously? I carry a spare SRAM master link appropriate to the bike I'm on) with me in my seat bag. Jeez

Kevin Wilson

I have done this many times when I was a child.
If your chain breaks what are you going to do,,, Walk! NO Way!
This would keep you going 'till the weekend when you ride to the bike shop.
My brother had a motorbike chain break and this hack got him and his pillion home very late at night. I took a couple of tries and good throttle management.
There is a farmer somewhere in Sussex with a little less fence.
My father got his motorcycle combination (bike+sidecar) home with one wheel stuffed with grass.
I suppose you just had to be more inventive in days gone by.


Hey, if it gets you home...

I would have used a zip tie. I keep several in my seat bag since this: http://www.bikehacks.com/bikehacks/2012/05/damaged-tire-zip-ties-to-the-rescue.html

John Fink

The splice is on the top run between the cogs and the chainwheel. Pedal forward until the splice is at the
chainwheel and then back until it is at the cog.

It'll get you home -- slowly. Better than walking.


Again, carry a spare link. Not like it takes a ton of space, it's fairly cheap and it's definitely better than looking for bailing wire.


spare links don't solve the problem every time. if only one pin breaks out or a plate pops off you can usually still wire it together to pump-pedal, secondly having bikes that use 4 different width chains it gets annoying to have all 4 in my bag
and, if I just want to ride down to the shop I NEVER bring all my cycling kit. It's a stop-gap fix. It is sad to me that people today can't appreciate a fix like this for what it does: solves a problem with simple ingenuity. Oh and Shimano doesn't believe in masterlinks. My directional 10spd chain gets all wonky with one on.


Why not just use a bloody chain breaker? Hacking solutions is fine at all, but this is just ridiculous.

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