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I would love to know more about the chain guard hack. My main questions are:

How did you join the ends?
Sizing? How tight did you make it?
The slit, did you enlarge it at all?

Bob G

Very nice!

James Lent

I want to know more about that chain guard too! It seems like there would be a fair amount of friction from the chain guard rubbing against the gear, and it might catch a bunch on the chain.


I just did the chain guard hack. Will post on those two Qs. Initially, no enlarge the split and appears no extra friction. When the loom turns around crank/cog, the split gets WIDER. I just overlapped a foot extra loom to join them, and a couple of crank revolutions didn't separate it.


sorry for the late answer but here's how i made the chainguard:

- i did enlarge the slit by 5mm (otherwise to much friction and verry difficult to put it on the chain.

- i connected the end by drilling 2 holes at the right and 2 holes on the left side, on both ends of the tube and connected the tubes with 2 tie-wraps.
-> if you look closely on the last picture you can see one of the tie-wraps on the guard ( on top of the guard, by the rear wheel)
- and i oversized the tube and cut it to the right size after adding it to the chain.


I would like to know more about the lights conversion to led and the battery box/type of batteries used.

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