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Quick questions! Roughly how much weight does this add to your bike, how long does the battery last before recharging, and how the heck do you recharge it? It seems pretty stuck on there! This is something I'd want to do, as many people in my area pay no attention to bikes!


Chris Balcomb

The battery it's self is 1.8 lbs. I know that's ALOT for a bike but I don't pay much attention to weight. I couldn't answer how long it last with it just running a horn as I also run one set of LED's off the same battery.
This video shows my let set up. It's one pack of led's or 2 strips both cut in half, 2 halves are side by side on my seat post and the other two halves are on 2 individual uprights on my rear rack.

This post shows the product or similar to what I used (the longer set).

I run the lights even in sunny conditions. I found I was safe if I charged every three day, with these days consiting of going to work and home, at a total millage of 7.2 at an estimated total travel time at 40 minutes.

Here is a picture of how I charge it

Here is a picture of the battery

See the metal contact points on the battery? The charger had matching contact points in the battery slot. I took the charger apart (just a few screws on the bottom), removed the contact points (while maintaining what wires were positive, negative, and nutral), spliced on an extra length of wire, ran these wires through the holes in the charger left after removing the metal contacts, put the charger back together. The two wires on the bike and the three from the charger have female connectors and the three wires off the battery have male connectors. Starting at :10 seconds of this post's video you can see the nutural wire's male connector along with the positive and negative attached to the bikes connectors.
To connect the wires to the battery I used a pisspoor concept. I took three short lengths of wire and put connectors on the ends I was going to attach to the battery, I then removed the plastic sleeve, hammered the connector flat, used plyers to bend it in half length wise, then hammered it again. I then took another three connectors and cut them to sized, hammered, folded, hammerd these. One at a time I took the connector with the wire and placed it to the contact, I then, place one of the other connectors on top of this. I used a short peice of electrical tape to hold it in place. It was a pain becuase I couldn't wrap the tape around the "stub" becuase I would cover the other contacts. The purpose of the extra three connectors was to give the tape something to push against the wired connectors, You could probably use nuts or anything else that will give it gurth. When I tried it with just the original wires with the flattened connectors they just pulled right out as the batteries contacts are inset. Once all 3 wires (6 connectors) were in place I then procedded to wrap the "stub" of the battery as tightly as I could with elcectical tape. For extra security I then started taping over the top of the "stub" in crisscrossing patterns, going in between the wires. I am sure there is a better way to do this but I worked with what I had. However,
Do NOOOOOOT try to screw into the batteries contacts on this model. There is a battery sell inside the "stub". I tried this with the first battery and tried to drill as shallow as I could and cut very short screws down to where they had about 2 threads and I still hit the cell punctured it and shorted it out.

And the battery it's self is very difficult to get apart and harder to get back together.


Awesome video, I've done this myself but with a 12v motorbike horn and building the battery pack into a water bottle. I've the horn mounted on the handlebars using a cage mount and control it using a cheap chinese controller off eBay. The Bike has a different indicator system I've built and has front indicators aswell with a front Cree light which isn't in the video so hopefully redo a new video soon but here's my bike the demo of the horn is near the end of the video.

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