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While I do see the merits of Titanium as a material in most applications I don't see them here.
This guy is comparing a $200 piece of titanium to a $15 Bell lock and it's not really that impressive even compared to that cheap Wally World crap. When he compares it to a Kryptonite Evo or New York Series (or comparable lock that cost around half what this thing does) I'd at least be curious to see the results.


Few months back when they used to allow comments on the youtube video, there were some interesting observations. Ofcourse, now they are gone, and that's makes me a bit suspicious. If you are confident about your product why not allow anyone to judge it?


That's my friend Kimberly's bike! I've talked to her about the lock, and she likes it.


I own that lock and it's the best. Being Titanium it's flexible so that you can get it around things like you see in the picture. It's coated in clear plastic so it won't scratch or rub your bike. I have mine looped around the head tube and parallel with the top tube. You hardly notice it. I use the two velcro straps that it came with to secure it to the bike. The biggest draw for me was the weight, this thing is super light.

You can keep the locking pin attached to one of the end tabs and it won't fall off. It does rattle around and makes a ton of noise so I keep mine in my backpack.

Technically some one with scissor type bolt cutters can cut through the smaller size, but it'll take them a good half hour. The bigger one is cut proof.

It's spendy, but you'll never buy another one.

I want to see someone do a test in NYC, THAT is the true test of a bike lock.

Jon Webb

I've got that lock. It works well, is light, and allows me to lock both my front and rear wheels without removal, if the thing I'm locking to is configured right. Otherwise I have to take off the front wheel.
I haven't had any experience with theft resistance, but I generally don't leave my bike locked for long in an area where theft is likely to occur. My general feeling is that the lock is at least difficult enough to break and unfamiliar enough that any likely thief would just throw up his hands and move on to the next bike.


Love mine. And you can carry it strapped to your bottom tube, so you shouldn't have a problem there.

Leo Horishny

I like the concept. As one of 'those' 'bent riders, this design seems more useful on the odd recumbent frames versus the standard U locks.


@ Troy / Kimberly It's not cut-proof by any measure. It lasted about ONE MINUTE longer than a $15 piece of Wally-World garbage


that "one minute longer" was in a controlled environment, in a bench vise. in the real world, its gonna be exponentially tougher for a thief to get the lock into a position where it can be hack-sawed (or attacked with bolt cutters). my brother lives in san francisco (oakland, actually), and he was one of the backers when this thing was still in the kickstarter stage. he got one of the first ones, and has been using it in the city ever since. it actually has an impressive amount of dings and gouges all over it where attempts have been made but he still has his bike. he even had to leave it locked up outside his buddy's house one night (he got plastered and forgot to bring the bike inside lol).

if i lived in a big city, i would definitely pop for one of these.


@ Carl
I still don't care. The first photo blows your "exponentially tougher for a thief to get the lock into a position where it can be hack-sawed " theory out of the water. Nice and flat and, as a bonus, well supported by that properly tensioned fixie chain.


Hello, I've tested this for a UK bike magazine, the lock popped right off the end in a couple of seconds and titanium is not as tough as we might think, I sawed it through in under 20 seconds, but it's only fair to point out that it was in a vice due to not being lockable again due to lock failure.

Do NOT use this lock, buy a 16-18mm D lock and fill the D section with post, frame, wheel, whatever, but keep it filled.


This veek we have a special feature on Sprockets. It is called "Germany’s Most Disturbing Home Videos".

In this video ve haff a TiGr lock being cut by a little girl mit bolt cutters.


J Povey

The lock works...pleasure to use..I own the largest one, certified for insurance purposes....all round best lock you can get, for the weight and convenience.

Alex F.

There are actually two thicknesses of the lock. They say the thinner one is vulnerable to attack and is the one seen in the German youtube video. The thicker one is much better against attack.
Source: http://www.bikehugger.com/post/view/tigr-lock-break-and-update/

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