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How about the government quit worrying about what dangers I choose to subject myself to?


There's no excuses for motorists to forget the helmets either.



I like the cell phone idea, but have it inside the slashed circle.

Helmets should not be mandatory, most folks will still choose to wear them. Those who don't can take their chances, but insurance shouldn't cover someone who is injured when not wearing a helmet.


How about a big cell phone with a circle and line through it! So tired of jerks not paying attention to where they point their 10 ton weapons.


"but insurance shouldn't cover someone who is injured when not wearing a helmet."

...and the data showing that a styrofoam beanie protects cyclists is where??


I have to argue that the Government does do their bit for seatbelts. They might not put stencils on the road, but they do have safety signs at every rest area, those yellow message boards on overpasses, and of course, traffic citations.


No excuses. Look before you open your parked-car door. You might kill someone if you don't.


If you had a choice to be smacked over the head with a baseball bat - either with or without a bike helmet - which would you chose?

If you say you'd prefer having a helmet on in above situation, why would you not wear one when riding your bike?

Think about it...

Leo Horishny

In utopia, we could have folks not wearing a helmet when injured turned away at the hospital after injury, but this is not going to happen, so therefore, the conundrum...who pays for that (often/always uninsured) cyclists' injuries were they not wearing a helmet? You and Me.

Aside from what they left on the roadway after injury, I'd like the cyclist to have some skin in the game. Insisting they wear a helmet is a (irresponsibly) CHEAP copay. You choose to view it as nanny state, I call it reminding folks of their personal responsibility to the bill payers when they're patched back up.

And so begins another helmet thread....

Leo Horishny

Dammit. AN irresponsibly CHEAP copay....

I only reread it once before posting :-(

Kevin Wilson

I have thought about it........
And next time I pick a fight with someone wielding a baseball bat I am DEFINITELY going to wear a styrofoam hat.

As for cycling?
My London commute probably.
My Sunday country lane amble probably not.
It's all about personal responsibility and freedom of choice.


Are you sure that stencil was a government project? It looks DIY to me.





My guess is that this was not done by the government but a bike rider. Gov. Uses a different application for this type of stuff, maybe a local bike club did it.


A car.

I think it's diy because it's so well done.... the govt sucks at stencils (see other example above. it's like, "where's your frame, dude?")


After decades of experience, authorities in Denmark and the Netherlands still don't require cyclists to wear a helmet. Food for thought.

> One web site notes that there were 618 bicycle deaths in the U.S. in 2010, but my guess is that most of those were because of a collision with a motor vehicle

… in which case a helmet won't make any difference.

Also, it'd be important to know how many of those cyclists were riding an MTB or racing bike out of the city, in which case a helmet is definitely a good idea.

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