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john h

Orange looks awesome. But yellow,gray and purple dont go well together and if sprayed unevenly are really repulsive. Sorry to say your fenders do look great.


A swatch of duct tape across the saddle gives a deterring impression that it's torn. It helps sway theft.


I like the rust-colored paint idea.
A great camouflage that I did in college was spraying the sides of the wheels (non-rim brake models) & tires without masking. The paint eventually flakes off, but unevenly, accentuating the effect.

Kim Laroux

Aren't those fenders made of glossy plastic? I have the MTB set of these and they are very glossy, like mirrors. If you didn't sand the whole thing before paint, the paint will probably flake. In an ideal world, that would be bad, but I think here it'll actually help. ;)

Btw I like the duct tape idea on the saddle, but I'm worried it'd stain pants. I always pull off my saddle when I lock my bike, because Specialized saddles simply stand out of the bike rack. Taking the saddle off makes the bike disappear within the other bikes.


Hold the phone on color- is that a dork disc behind your cassette?



I kinda have to give you credit. You noticed the dork disk, but you did not notice the plastic chain guard on the chainring =)

It's all a process fine sir, the bike is transforming, it is in its cocoon stage right now.


WV Cycling

There is no way I would ever want to touch that bike. Impale me with a 2"x4" first.

No offense.

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