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Although not exactly a wristwatch solution, I had been searching for an easy-to-see bike clock for some time (oof!). Unable to use a StemCAPtain http://goo.gl/DkhK5 I managed to find this alternative on eBay: http://goo.gl/IkDy5. And it helps keep the bar clutter to a minimum.

Now to see how it fairs during a Pacific Northwest winter...


Quite a few brands of GPS watches have the option of bicycle mounts you can use to mount watches onto your handlebar.

Just look up Forerunner Bicycle Mount Kit or Timex Watch Bike Mount on Amazon. They are relatively inexpensive at 10usd or so.

Alan Braggins

I have a heart monitor watch than came with a rubber equivalent. Theirs looks a bit neater, but I suspect the rubber works better, as well as being far cheaper (because it's a mass produced moulding, not because it's rubber).
This sort of thing:


Polar makes a bike mount you can use with any watch.


pipe insulation from home depot cut to size= cheap, light, won't soak up water.


Best trick I've seen doesn't involve any padding at all:
1) Slide the little retaining loop next to the watch strap buckle about half way up that side of the strap
1) Thread the other half of the watch strap through the little retaining loop WITHOUT threading it through the buckle, so the two halves of the strap lie flat against each other, both pointing back behind the watch body.
2) The length of strap that remains beyond the retaining loop is now short enough to buckle around the handlebars.

To help you visualize those instructions, think of the retaining loop forming the middle of a figure-eight with the watch body at the top and the buckle at the bottom. The handlebars thread through the lower circle of the figure-eight.

Most rubber sports watch straps will stay put and not slide around.


The best trick I've seen is to just wear a wristwatch on your wrist. I've seen this watch-on-the-handlebars thing one other time actually, and it makes about as much sense as trying to attach a trailer hitch to your helmet.

Mark H

This isn't a solution in search of a problem, but rather someone unclear on the concept:

Though, I admit, Bike Snob NYC already covered it this week, but I saw it previously and instantly thought "snake oil."

In their own words, "Kickstarter does not investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. Backers ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it. See the Accountability section for more." Likewise, it seems they do nothing to check the viability of a project nor it's claims.

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