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Be a man and use you hand. none of this qtip bs, just creates more waste. If you dont wanna use your fingers pick up an acid brush for a quarter from your local hardware store, it will last for years.


If you grease the threads on the pedals, you'll have a glob of grease on the pedal shafts after you screw the pedals into the crank-arms.

Instead, put a SMALL dab of grease on the crank-arm threads (I use a toothpick for this; a q-tip soaks up more grease, which just wastes grease). Then when you screw the pedals into the crank-arms, the surplus grease is pushed away from the pedals and can be easily wiped off with piece of paper towel.


And please don't ride in flip-flops. I was on foot in a cross-walk this summer in flip-flops, it started to rain, I was in a hurry, slipped on one of the painted white strips, caught my balance after taking a few giant steps and in doing so smashed my right foot, toes first into the pavement. Three broken toes that wouldn't have happened with sneakers or Keene's. Even going slow on a bike you're moving faster than I was walking. Flip-flops stay at home now.

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