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It is sad to see you supporting cancer in sports. Lance Armstrong's cancer was self-inflicted, as Sports Illustrated said years ago. Lance Armstrong has spent many more millions of the US tax payer dollars on buying drugs, trafficking drugs, and sticking needles into younger riders' arms than the USADA has for an annual budget.

If you think it is ok for American children to have to use life-threatening drugs to enjoy competitive athletics, then you send your son or daughter to one of Armstrong's teams (imagine that, we allow dopers to own youth sports teams and sports events). But keep him and your world of cancer away from the more honest and innocent children in this country.

Staten Island Dave

Even sadder than doping, lack of sportspersonship etc. is the notion that sports figures should be revered or honored. They are just people that may be admired for their skill, effort and dedication, but they are decidedly not heroes. Heroes are everyday people doing everyday things for the benefit of others selflessly (within reason; there are individuals who make a living being heroes – see below). Perhaps a small handful of sports figures may do this off the field or out of the arena. If this is the case, I shouldn't hear about on the weekend TV news. Real heroes work anonymously and out of (athletic) uniform. They don't care about recognition. They don't pretend help others as a means to promote the team brand.

Lance may be sincere in his public fight against cancer, but the only reason that he has had any influence over the cancer research/funding community is that he likely cheated. The end does not justify the means. It never does. This is the single biggest problem with this country (the U.S.). In cases of conflict, politics, sports and personal interactions, we believe as a nation that the ends justifies the means. This is a terrible lesson to our children. It is also primary reason why we are faltering and will continue to falter as a nation.

It great that Rick's sister is a cancer survivor, but that was due to the nature of her illness, her physiology, her doctors (which could indeed be considered heroes) and treatment options. Lance (and his book) had nothing to do with it. Hope had nothing to do with it. Luck had nothing to do with it. She had the right disease at the right time with the right people at hand. Her recovery was (and hopefully will continue to be) a product of circumstance. Hopefully the chances that we will all encounter such a set of circumstances will continue to improve. They won't improve further unless lawmakers and their constituents take disease research and treatment seriously. Otherwise, our tax dollars will be used to fund ends that justify other means. A group of outraged citizens has far more influence over a legislator than a sports figure. It's sad that the average U.S. citizen still doesn't realize this.

Want to admire a hero? Admire a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a firefighter or a police officer. Admire a volunteer at a food pantry - could there be a bigger hero? Admire your mother, father, grandparent or guardian who raised you to become a responsible adult and did their best to helpful you realize your dreams, even if they weren't fulfilled. Admire a kid who gave up part of her lunch to another student who didn't have enough to eat.

What could you possibly have to thank a sports figure for?

Hero worship is sad.

If you feel the need to revere or worship someone, worship a real hero, not a sports figure.


Dave: Great comment. This post is really sad for the American people. Supporting drug criminals in sports . . . keep Lance Armstrong away from our kids, please. We don't want our kids cheating to win, let alone doping themselves to be like this pretentious god.

Keep in mind that the Lance Armstrong Foundation, oops, LiveStrong never gave a dime to cancer research. They focus on "cancer awareness" - as well as spending millions on Washington, DC, PR suits and lobbyists that try to stop the US from policing doping in sports. In other words, this is a cancer organization that supports cancer in sports.

According to Sports Illustrated Lance Armstrong's own cancer was self-induced by his own doping. You only need to look at his own testosterone levels pre-cancer to know this. He was unfortunate because the UCI didn't test him properly (they were already on his payroll). If they had, his cancer would have been found earlier.

Anyone who genuinely cares about fighting cancer would never donate to LiveStrong.


Lance cheated, he knows it, his team director knows it, his doctor knows it and his former teammates (Landis, Hamilton, and Hincapie all set to testify) knew it. They were all set to testify against him, so of course he drops his defense, feigning contempt. Its cowardly and shameful. I would like to believe Lance was innocent, and I will if he faces his accusers under oath. But he wont, its damning.

He is an inspiration to many, unfortunately he cheated to get there. Why do we keep rewarding people who break the rules? Its a sad testament to a sport when Rick Riley acknowledges that all cyclists cheat and that the best cheater is still a hero. Doping has ruined cycling, the only way to clean the sport up is to make it known to all future competitors that if they dope, they will be caught and they will not profit. I'm sorry but I have had it with Armstrong's arrogance and I cannot read a blog that still worships, all ethics considered.


For those of us who believed what Lance Armstrong had told us and who now know that his life story is a fraud and that his so-called cancer organization, aptly named "The Lance Armstrong Foundation, aka, LiveStrong", for those of us who worked hard for our money and then donated it to his "charity" because we believed what he told us, is there any recourse now open to us to have our money returned or re-allocated to a true cancer organization that is involved in cancer research and cares about cancer?

Is there a class action lawsuit against the Lance Armstrong Foundation we can join to have our money redirected toward the fight against cancer?

Leo Horishny

Thanks for your comments Matt. I too feel that, while cheating is wrong, attacking it in the quixotic manner as seems to be the current trend is counter productive. Waiting for 10 years to convict someone of child molestation is one thing, doing so to drag someone down in cycling is another.

The fact that everyone else around him is convicted of cheating but he has not been is just as much a sign of innocence as it seems to be viewed as a sign of guilt by association.
Also, considering the number of comparable cyclists who were caught and convicted but then allowed to compete again goes against the above thoughts of vilification.

Chris G.

Of course, probably the most shameful action of Armstrong is how he used character assassination to thwart all of his critics and accusers who turn out to be far more credible than LA himself. Thaose are cowardly acts. I hope Floyd Landis's mother is finally able to forgive her son for cheating and lying as he seems to be truly regretful and humble.


Ain't science wonderful. They cannot prove him guilty through science but public opinion finds him guilty. What a bunch of intelligent educated morons.



The law found Lance guilty. Lance accepted his own guilt by not going to arbitration. He was a coward to face the tons of evidence against him. Even more so, he was too cowardly to face the many lives he destroyed with his bullying and misuse of the American courts.

The evidence included science. Solid, perfect science, that Lance cheated. But even more the evidence included lives he destroyed for his own lies, his own drug taking and drug pushing, and his own personal wealth - and that at the expense of so many cancer victims, cancer survivors, and their families.

Nothing is more shameful in America today than wearing a yellow bracelet. Wear it with shame.

Cyclo Cross

Wear your yellow now because in two weeks time when the evidence starts to come out I fear it's going to be an uncomfortable item to wear.


egg on all your faces, apology please

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