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This bicycle is really cool, It reminds of the tandem bicycle I purchased from http://www.bikesxpress.com
they also have really cool beach cruisers like these http://www.bikesxpress.com/26-Beach-Cruiser-Bikes-Cruiser-Bicycles-Beach-Bikes_c_1.html


This is very cool! I'm a site manager at instructables.com, an online community for people who like to share what they make (and how to make things). This post caught my eye, and I thought, since you already have photos and a writeup, that you might be interested in sharing your work on our site as well! We're currently in the middle of a Bicycle Contest, so you could win prizes for your cool hacks! (http://www.instructables.com/contest/bicycle/) You can post as many entries as you want.

If you decide to post the instructions on our site, I would be happy to feature your work and help get it noticed among our 13.8 million viewers. Let me know if you have any questions!
(And if you do post, let me know so I can feature it!)

selkeymoonbeam at instructables.com


Are there any plans or blueprints available for a build like this? Or, at least for the connection with the bicycle itself and the wheel mounting on the sidecar? I'm looking to build one myself!


Very well done. I would be interested in the plans or purchasing a completed sidecar. Please contact me with more info.


Hi I love this idea im wantin my partner to make me something like this but he is unsure of hiw to mount it to the bike so its not hard to turn the bike n move.


Where can I get the plans to build one of these? This is a bike that used to be around in the 1970's. I wanted one but did not have the money.

Amanda Harsh

I want one how much and can I get one

George Graham

Is there any trike or bike like the old paddle boats where both people sit side by side and peddle? My wife is handicapped, can do some peddling for exercise but not consistently.


Where can I buy one ??? I live in victoria Australia

Robin M

I am interested in purchasing one of these can you get in touch with me at pawsitivepaws@live.com. thanks! Robin

Terry Williamson

Can I buy one of these from you?

Diane G.

Are there any plans available. I'd like to try and build one.
Thanks, Diane

Gilles Diguer

I'm interested in buying a sample unit and the manufacturing plans for distribution in Canada.
Please contact me ASAP at mototaxi_puerto_plata@yahoo.ca

Renee Somers

Please let me know how I can purchase one of these. My husband is in a wheelchair and I would love to be able to bike with him like this. Please email me!

Sue Benham


Im interested in buying one bike with a side car/cargo.
My husband is in a wheelchair and it would be good for him to go for a bike ride around our area than going in a wheelchair. Please contact me at benham_s@tpg.com.au

Rod Patton

I would like to build a side car, so I can drag my wife along when I go riding. Like your design. Do you have plans for sale or download?

Rod Patton

Do you have side cars for sale? Please contact me at rpatton220@aol.com.

Jason Rostro

I would be interested in how you made it or be able to purchase one.

This is amazing and would really help out much.

I can finally give people rides especially my mother to places she needs to go since I don't have a car.

Does this work on any bike?

Is it easy to install and uninstall?

How many people can be on at once?

Is it sutable for kids and adults?

What is the wait limit?

Can this be installed on an electric bike or a bike wit an electric kit?

I really hope I hear from someone soon cause I am in need and looking for this cause it would really help and benefit.

My email is jasonrostro@gmail.com

My Facebook is Jason Rostro


Have a great day.

Jim Dunn

Please send more pics of bike mount hard to tell how attached do you have plans? Thank you Jim ps also how sidecar wheel attachment to sch 40steel pipe talkto you later,love it by the way..

Pat Veelle

Very interested in this side care so my grand kids can go with me. Do you sell the plans of the unit?

Please send me more information.

Omar B. Fernando

I am interested in buying one if you have any for sale. thank you.

Michael Schneider

Bike Bug has developed a bicycle side car for sale sales@bikebug.net 713 962 2681 Video below


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