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This one, definitely a hack:


Bike lights should not put dangerous amounts of light into the eyes of oncoming riders. Mounting to the frame ensures that even very bright lights can be aimed so their cutoff is below the horizon (bright lights without cutoff have no business on roads). Head-mounted lights make it nigh-inevitable that you'll blind people. That's rude, dangerous, antisocial, and just generally unacceptable.

If you need to see the road, get a bike light with a proper on-road beam pattern--I hear the 80-lumen Philips is the best. If you just need to be seen, then go for it, but first shine the light straight into your eyes from 10' away (at night when your pupils are already dilated). If you can't see the environment when the light is in your eyes, then it's too bright for use on your head, and you will drive someone off the road or into a head-on collision with someone.


...er, the 80-LUX Philips. 270 lumens.


I have an inexpensive LED clip-on from Fry's on my helmet. It cost $2 and is a great addition to the PB Beamer 5 on the handlebars - it's wonderful to be able to focus light where you want.

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