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Police in Finland do this too:



Horrible idea, even for the police. Hand cuffs are NOT that secure.


Bicycles should to be locked to fixed objects:


It would take a few seconds to load that bike into a van/truck and remove the handcuffs later.

You would think the police would know better.


maybe people would be more hesitant to chuck police property into the back of a truck?


I guess this officer's errand didn't include subduing or arresting anyone.

As for the bike, well, it's unrideable, but not unstealable. I'd say if a bike situated like this doesn't get stolen, it has more to do with the fact that POLICE is written on it.


Two Words to explain why this is a massive fail: Universal Keys


Apart from the other comments with which I agree, I understood that a police officer had a standard set of equipment, which includes handcuffs. None of which he is supposed to be on duty without.
Of course he may well have purchased a personal second set from a sex shop........

Deez Cycles Peterculter

Did the officer arrest his/her own bike???

Nigel Oulton

I have to agree with what others have said because this is just so stupid - handcuffs are so incredibly easy to open in fact http://revision3.com/scamschool/handcuffs and let Brian Brushwood and Daniel Martin show you how quick anyone can open police issue cuffs within seconds without a key.

Paul Whyton

It would surprise me if he left the key in the bag on the back!

Paul Whyton

Or rather it wouldn't surprise me!


A lot of the "professional" bike thieves either wouldn't notice that it says "POLICE" on the side, or they can't read.

Jack TB

Master makes a cuff style bike lock. http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-Street-Cuffs/dp/B003UWI0O8

I saw them on Pedal America in Chicago. One cuff on the bike the other on the bike rack.

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