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Disabled Cyclist

Good tip,something I've never given much thought to (and being new to city living/utility riding....),thanks :)

The DC

WV Cycling

I really can't imagine the environment, or what it is like to live in an area where hacks like this are necessary.

I know they exist, but I'd like to pretend that they don't. During fair weather, I leave my entire fleet of bikes leaning on my garage, next to the garbage cans. Never, ever, ever do I have the fear of theft. <3


This doesn't work on most mountain bikes. Those don't have holes where you can hook the lock trough. At least I've never seen one that does.

I'm riding a mountain bike for commuting, with disc brakes and screw out studded tires. My bike was stolen in December cause it was secured with a cable. I learned it the hard way that cables aren't secure. I was lucky, I found my bike the next day and the police got it back for me. I bought a chain just long enough to loop trough both wheels and the frame. I had a moment where I thought about getting a U-lock too, but I gave up the idea. Way too heavy. Though I might get one and leave it locked on my college's bike rack and just bring the chain around.

There's a point where it just gets paranoid. When I bought my bike, I filled all the Allen screws with hot melt glue. I took the habit of always taking my seat with me, so it doesn't get stolen and because it stands out too much in the bike rack. A motivated theft that really wants your bike will get it, no matter how secure you think it is.

When the police gave me my bike back, I took it inside and tuned it for winter. Home made screw-out studded tires and full size fender set on a suspension fork. There was some hacks to be done, if you're interested, let me know. I took a bunch of pictures before I took my bike out in the slush ;)

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