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Torben Putkonen

This is not a solution for cold weather. Maybe this works at Jens Voigt Factor 1, but at any higher level this is stupid and useless. To make it work at cold weather, the fabric should be water and wind proof. And the metal in handle bar and brake lever still conducts heat away from your fingers.

Hacking is fun, but it is not the right solution to all problems.

Gloves work and are completely safe to use. They even provide better brake lever grip in wet conditions. This hack only removes all other handle bar positions, except the hoods.


This person can't live anywhere very cold... I live in Virginia and it's not nearly as cold here as other places - but I sure as heck know t-shirts wouldn't have worked out yesterday morning when it was 19 degrees (plus windchill). My hands were cold even in my windproof, lined gloves.


Also, how easy is it to remove your hands in case you fall for whatever reason? I wouldn't like to have my hands tied down if the wheels go flying on an ice patch.

Personally I use a pair of unlined leather finger gloves, with another pair of insulation gloves (thinsulate or surplus wool :) ) underneath. Having 2 layers allows me to separate them so they dry faster in case of sweat or rain.
As long as I keep my core temperature up it works pretty well down to -10C(14F) or so, and since I have a short ride to work it sort of works down to -20C(-4F). I'm a pretty warm guy though.
After that the only thing that works are mittens.

I see the kids bike around with their hands in their pockets, and I always shake my head...


these would be much better if they used an old fleece pull over or blanket bought at a thrift store for $5-$7.

a few minutes with a scissors and sewing machine and you would have some useable Pogies.

I have a pair of fleece gloves that once I get warmed up are good to about 5F. below that I have a pair of snow board Mitts that have kept me warm down to -15F. even with the Mitts I have no issues with the brakes or my Bar end shifters.


I've been considering a pair of boot liners with a hole in the toe but I think it might take my winter cycling from abnormal to complete nutcase in the eyes of the casual observer.

Kevin ferguson

You're on a bike. You are already a nut case to the CO.

Honest Engine

I'm not (too much of) a snob for pretty bike things, but can we agree to a baseline of elegance for bikehack? T-shirts tied with innertubes? What, didn't have any worn out wife-beaters to class it up?

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