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Bicycle Bill

Couple of questions —
• Two separate drivetrains — how do you keep them synchronized; that is, keep the rear wheel and the front wheel operating at the same speeds? It's pretty much a given that one of the two wheels (probably the rear one) is going to getting more power and turning faster than the other one.
• Also, since you're turning pedals (handles?) connected to the stem and fork in order to drive the front wheel, how do you keep the bike in a straight line? Any movement, even rotational movement, at the handlebars will transfer through to the front wheel and will translate into a certain amount of wobble.


rowing bikes do this in a better way... theres even rowing bike races already...google it.

Leo Horishny

B. Bill, there have been several manufacturers of Moving Bottom Bracket Front wheel drive bicycles as well as numerous homebuilders. The side effect of pedal steer is partly engineered out and partly new muscle memory you learn to compensate for.

Frankly, I want to know why the professor insisted on maintaining the standard bicycle frame. Very limiting in his vision and in the resultant products.

Money says the prof has never seen a recumbent bicycle or possibly not even conceptually aware of their existence based on the parameters of his exercise :-[

The student does deserve an A for effort though.

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