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Bicycle Bill

Just wonder how many times he comes back to his bike to find a broken-off yardstick. I know that in the real world where I cycle, something like this would never last long.


I think I would make it so that it breaks off rather than taking me down if someone should make contact with it.

I've often joked that I'd like to have a holographic car projected around me. Then I'd finally some respect on the road!

Disabled Cyclist

Having a 3 foot law here (on the TN side I know,not sure about the VA side-I'm in a bordertown)...you just gave me a brilliant idear,teeheehee (Thom,uberly good idea on the break-away stick),insert evil grinning smiley :D


Ron Ablang

Hmmm. I wonder if my state (California) has a 3-ft law? I doubt it because the bike lanes are right next to traffic lanes w/ no buffer.

I've had cars whiz by next to me to within less than 1' of me.


Ron: nope, Gov. Brown vetoed a 3' law earlier this year-



The noodle does the same job and is less offensive

Ghost Rider

The whole thing was a joke, everyone -- merely a way to advertise Florida's 3-foot rule with a little humor.

Rest assured, the stick DOES break away rather easily. When we initially came up with this, we had talked about using a sword blade to scratch up cars that got too close. But we're not "cager haters" (mostly).


My thought had been to put something like this on my bike, but supported by a 3' doorspring with one of those carbide-tipped pens on the end--cars can then feel free to "key" themselves on me safely (i.e. without injuring anyone; just a harmless warning that they will hopefully actually remember).

The next thought is that (at least in Colorado) the 3' law applies to the leftmost extremity of your bike. So you could tape another yardstick to the first to ensure that cars don't come within 3' of your 3' warning stick. And another, and another, until you encircle the Earth, at which point your leftmost yardstick will be poking you on the right, and I don't know of any law that covers that...

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