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Possibly worthwhile for the speech-impaired or those with laryngitis... except that a voice message is better than a bell for two reasons:

(1) Versatility. But this item seems to only say one thing, which bells already do just fine.

(2) Friendliness: A human voice can communicate "Here I am; please treat me as a human" whereas it's easy to interpret a bell as "this automated personal-space defense system demands that you move aside for its owner." This thing seems to say "This automated personal-space defense system demands that you move aside for its owner, and is trying to simulate a human because the owner doesn't think you're worth the trouble of actually trying to communicate, but for some reason wants to fake it."

If someone (of sound voice) had a recorded message saying "On your left", I'd just be horrified at mankind's (cyclists', even!) propensity for stupid useless battery-powered junk.

Of course, I haven't used one. Maybe they're great...

Felix Cartagena

A few years ago I had an electronic bell. It went ching-ching followed by the voice of a young Japanese lady saying "s'cuse please, s'cuse please". It made people giggle... if they could hear it.

Jack Bulkley

I have found a bell is heard better by people wearing ear buds than saying "on your left". So I think the simple bell is better. I suppose you could record the bell and then a phrase. I would be tempted to repeat the rule on signs along the trail that is not always followed: "Walk on the right. Pass on the left."

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