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Removing and reinstalling batteries leads to a problem spot in bicycling lighting systems.

Eventually performing this task innumerable times will lead to a failure on the battery holder.

I consider this an avoidable problem, I avoid it by purchasing battery setups that allow for the charging system to be plugged into the battery directly or battery holder and I don't purchase systems that require you to remove batteries.


BRILLIANT!!! but how nice would it be if it didn't matter which way the (-) and (+) went, so long as they were pointed in opposite directions?

Ron Ablang

I'd rather go with writing in the + and - symbols where the batteries should go because I don't believe all battery brands use an arrow to point to the positive.


Products that less efficient or impractical will not sold well in the market. Battery placement is very important because it has + and - end, incorrect placement would destroy the device.

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