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The only thing that bothers me, locked to a bike rack, is an abandoned, rusted, punctured bike. Because it's been there for months, the owner clearly does not want it, and it's taking up a usable rack.
Segways, same as motor-assist bikes, are much better for the city and the environment than a car. And since I don't expect there to be Segway-specific racks any more than I'd expect there to be mountain-bike-specific racks, this particular issue is one that I do not share with you.


I'll second abandoned bikes. They're inconvenient at best, and first-world litter at their worst. Boulder and Portland are the only two cities where I've ever seen a notice about removing abandoned bikes. More should follow.

Bike saddle

ya true now a days bike parking is also being a most important valuable word in the parking field.


Hmmm. Down here in the south, where bicycles are not the norm, most of the trees I chain my bike to are only in competition with stray dogs. The dogs use special sprays to keep you off their trees. The cops chase more donuts than bicycles, and I rarely compete with other bikers for pole space at WalMart. I envy your parking competition. Even when I run stop signs the police just sit there with their donuts and coffee and wave at me with a glazed look on their face!

John Romeo Alpha

Mopeds locked to bike racks. GMAFB.


Well said, Ethan!

Segways are, technically, bicycles--count the wheels. Far more importantly, they're also Not Cars.

I think that it's just a historical artifact that the only form of transportation that is light enough to be vulnerable to theft and therefore needs racks has been "the bicycle", and that therefore the racks have been called "bicycle racks". We need secure parking for lightweight low-impact transportation, and the fact that racks are called "bicycle racks" should not make them ineligible for other forms of lightweight transportation that need racks. For that matter, would you object to me parking my ICE Vortex at a bike rack?

Of course you could argue that Segways are motorised. But they're still terribly low-impact (the alternative is, after all, cars) and they (apparently) need racks. So: so what? How are they different from an electric-assist bicycle?

Leo Horishny

I have yet to see a Segway chained up locally and I do sympathize with the loss of bike spots, HOWEVER, I would find it a good problem, one that needs to be pointed out and remedied but one of the benefits of progress on the bicycling front at the end of the day.

phoenix sky harbor parking

This post is an attempt to get a new acronym out there for those in the bike community - NOMBR,

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