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I am pretty sure you can get both channels of sound with a piece of tinfoil to bridge the sections of the plug. Otherwise, you can buy mono to stereo adapters for a couple of bucks.


After reading your post, I had one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. One good ear sounds like a great idea for bikers. I can't wait to read your review. I hope it works!

Austin Morgan

I use Koss KS-75. They are designed to let ambiant noise through so that you can hear your surroundings and the music. I have found I prefer this to using only one ear bud.


Do one thing at a time is my personal rule. When I listen to music I listen and when I ride I listen for the truck that wants to run me down.
"I did not see him" the driver said.
"I did not hear him" the biker said as they pried the earphone from his ear.


"the truck that wants to run me down" -- If you really live in a place where people want to kill you, you should find a new place to live.

But this is brilliant. Also, for those with smartphones, there are one-ear bluetooth headsets that mix the audio from both channels into one ear.


Pedestrians don't see us.
Motorcyclists understand us (sort of...).
Everyone else is actively attempting to kill us.

I'm making it into a shirt.

However, when I get up in the morning to commute to work I simply cannot get pumped enough to get my pace up. So I pump Foxy Shazam into my right ear (left ear = closer to traffic = more crucial).

As much as I want a pair, I have trouble shelling out 5 bucks for a pair of earbuds much less 20 for half a pair (= joke. i know theyere more than that).

So im gonna make my own and make an instructable. sorry kevin, price aint right.

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