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i am interested in this big big rear packaging solution (last photo), where can i get this?
best greetz from berlin germany.

coventry recycled cycles

Nice lights, i've been thinking of adding a few more lights to the bike now that the dark mornings and early evenings are settling in.....Do you think they'd work fine with a dynamo...i think they are 6v



Niiiice! Now to get them running off a dynamo...

Manolo: are you referring to the cargo bike? Check out Xtracycle, any of a few other manufacturers making a "cargo bike" (Kona, Trek, Madsen...), Bakfiets, Metrofiets, bike trailers...


Hmmm, I think I just found my weekend project. Perhaps a trip to the Marconi Hut and the Jalopy Sector is in order.


I went to my local Jalopy Sector and checked out the exact lights from this hack and I'm sorry to say I was less than impressed especially given the way they're pictured above. Looks like I'm sitting this one out.


@raiyn.....it took me a little tinkering to get the angles correct for maximum effect. They are relatively easy to reposition if needed.

I don't see a problem running off of a dynamo. Although at 6 volts I don,t think you will get the brightness you are looking for as they are designed for a 12 volt. But, maybe with a little reworking you just might!!!!!

@manalo That is the rear end of a Trek Transport and comes stock on the bike itself.

LED Accessories

Your blog is nice. It nice to hear that LED lights are possible for bicycle. Especially that these LED lights are expensive and need to be handled carefully. I guess it will be a nice experience biking at night with LED lights. Its a WOW experience.


I'm planning to put a little LED on my bike. Thanks for input, it will really help.

Led lights

LED lights on cycle,thats amazing...

Car Bulbs

That's amazing. I would see your bike especially night.


Neat, even if they aren't the brightest they'll still get you seen at night. Maybe I could mount these on my rack uprights or use them as clearance lights on my ghetto milk crate panniers. Could even get amber ones and mount of the forks for side marker light affect.

ve tail lights

LED's right now are the hottest thing to happen to automotives. People everywhere are making the switch and getting the better lighting for their cars and vehicles.


i know this is an old post, but what would have to be done to make them flash? I'd like to have 3 with the middle one flashing on the rear of my bike.

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