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I have a Gator-Grip taking up space in my tool box. I rarely use it. The thing doesnt like to release the bolts once the job is done. I agree it does offset on small headed bolts making it awkward to use. One size fits most is a nice concept though.

coventry recycled cycles

...I bought one of those gator grip things as well- in an effort not to be taken in by the slick talking salesman and his super smooth patter i made sure I took a proper look at the socket before parting with my cash...somehow an amazing transformation took place between me purchasing the wonder tool to getting it home 'cause after a few failed attempts at using it effectively it now sits in my toolbox as a constant reminder of the salesmanship of the guy that demonstrated it and my gullibility in buying it.


I imagine Flex Seal would be a great way to waterproof pannier canvas.


My wife bought a tub of Quick n Brite, it did not do what it was supposed to. It wound up in my work shop, so one day after cleaning my chain and cassette, I used it has hand cleaner. Wow it really did a great job. So now I use it all the time as a hand cleaner.

As for spills, I use a Kitty Liter type of product. It will soak up oil water or any kind of fluid.

San Diego, Ca.


My first instinct would be to use this stuff on a rebuilt winter bike, i know ive put a lot of stress on mine and theres probably spots where the paint is chipped or thin enough to let moisture wreak havoc on my frame. A coat of this stuff would be way more resilient and cheap to use for a utility bike than a powdercoat.

Nate J.

I know a guy who bought Flex Seal to use for adding "anti-skid" tread to his kids' Power Wheels Barbie Jeep.

I have not heard whether he: 1) tried this out yet or 2) achieved desired results (yet).

He was having problems with the kids "peeling out" on all sorts of surfaces - concrete, asphalt, grass, etc.


all flex seal is is automotive rubber undercoating. you can buy it at any o'reilly's napa or autozone.

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