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Leo Horishny

Thanks for the further pictures. Perhaps instead of the fixed mounting points you could use Heim joints, not unlike the real motorcycle sidecar systems.
In the long run, it's safer for the driver and passenger as fixed mounting stresses could lead to a fracture and an unpleasant riding departure midride!

Keep at it and whatever tips you can get from sidecar builders and drivers, take advantage. Nice work.

Juan Pablo Cambariere

Leo, you are totally right, fixed hacks will eventualy fracture or dammage something else in the bike. I temporaly resolved this problem with the rubberwashers, but it´s partial and defective solution.

I didn´t even knew what a Heim Join was! I looked out and it looks like a great idea, thank you!
I suggested hinges because it is what I knew and what I can get easy.

Thank you!

Leo Horishny

You are welcome, and I'm pleased I can help. I've worked on building a cargo bike this year, so I know what you're doing is more work than it looks.

I wanted to make sure your little sidecar monkeys (actual rider term)are kept with you when you ride them around town!


Very interesting points. Thanks!

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