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Adam Smith

Good hack! Extra ground clearance. Can't wait to do this to my bike.

Ron Ablang

Is it just me, but I'm not able to tell from the picture that anything is wrong. I'm also looking for a golf ball to be imbedded in the spokes.

James Kingston

Ron, the derailleur cannot pivot properly with the frame-integrated derailleur hanger in the way. The bolt-on derailleur hanger he is using is also not installed properly.


As a new addition to the bike world I'm glad Ron asked that question, and James answered.


This post belongs on failblog and not here. I surprised that something called 'bikehacks' would showcase someone's failed attempt at derailleur replacement as something that pertains to this blog. as a mechanic of 15+ years and instructor I can see the obvious faults to this and that a misguided/misinformed customer more than likely purchased this bicycle off craigslist as is. I had a recent experience when my friend had a rocking headset (I mean it literally rocked in the headtube as you steered) and it merely needed a hacksaw and replacement cups. With that said, find a suitable Suntour or similar cheap/nice replacement and move on as this post is a waste of of this blog's time.


I apologize for the previous placement of my comment, it was meant for the blog as a whole, not the commentary.

I blame the Al-a-a-a-a- Alcohol.

Mark Shaw

At first I couldnt see it but then had a right chuckle, I think it was the red wine blurring my vision

Greg King

Yes, the derailleur is not the original one. The bicycle frame is made to accept a better quality one that bolts directly to the frame's dropout. The large hole above the derailleur brand name is where the original derailleur bolted on...much lower to allow for free movement. This bike owner hacked on a cheaper style derailleur, probably from little brother's wreck. Depending on how you look at it maybe the owner was lucky the derailleur didn't go into the spokes and damage the wheel. Bryon may be correct about this post being better placed on Failblog. I'll give thoughtful consideration where to send a picture in the future... if I am fortunate enough to spot a bike with a problem. Bryon, I'm going to keep my eyes open for a bike with a rear light made from a wine bottle.

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