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My favorite chain lube, by far is Chain-L No. 5


Weight be damned, nothing clings to a chain like Phil's Tenacious Oil when you're riding all-weather.

At the prices they're asking for belt drive cogs and rings, plus the need for an all-new frame, I think I'd just have a sealed chaincase custom fabricated.

Drivetrain lubrication might be a common maintenance task that is often ignored, but tire pressure even more so. We're just resigned to never fully solving that problem, so what's a few minutes more here and there to get the creaks out?

Rob the Aussie

I bought a Strida 5.0 clone on eBay for AUD $185. It has all the Strida specifications including belt drive and disk brakes.
The belt drive is definitely better than a chain, and there's nothing esoteric about it (think camshaft belt on a car)- the only reason for the high cost is because there are only a handful of belt drives and multi-millions of chain drives.
My Dahon Mu Uno unfortunately has a chain. It was available in the USA with belt drive but not in Australia.

Nick Keiser

Belt driven drive trains get hyped every few years and never catch on because converting existing bikes to a given belt standard is prohibitively expensive. Meanwhile, the new bikes featuring such technology wind up mouldering on the shop racks because they're more money than people wishing to buy genuinely simple bikes want to spend. Meanwhile, the scare-quoted "simple bike" crowd continues to miss it - dynamo hubs, internally geared hubs, and so on are in reality complex and pricey for people new to cycling, and shrieking about the evils of so-called modern perversions such as derailleurs and brifters just scares people away from bikes utterly instead of steering them towards the Dutch Bike Fad(tm).


I've been riding a belt drive with an 8sp Internal Gear Hub for about 6 months now. I love it. Yes, it's heavy (the IGH is to blame for that) but it is whisper quiet and rides very smooth. I love riding in the rain and not having to give a second thought about lubing my chain when I get home. Chair rings on pants? Whats that? I ride around campus (where I work) in pants all the time - never have to think about it.

I wouldn't switch my Mountain bike just yet (as I'm not cool enough for a single speed and and IGH would add too much weight). But for a commuter, it is a brilliant setup!


I have read elsewhere that some belt drives suffer in snow. The snow can build up in the cog and prevent the belt from engaging. Otherwise there should be no issues for most riders. Adjustments are similar to a single-speed.


Did anyone order from the "belt drive Bike company", they do not mention any adress on their website?



Los muchas gracias por la ayuda en esta pregunta.


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