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Coming from a mountain biking background, I see nothing wrong with flat bars. I suppose mine (http://www.ragleybikes.com/our-products/carnegies-bar) aren't really flat... but they certainly aren't drop bars.

Why can't you just return/sell your bike and purchase something that's meant for drops?


Flat bars are for senior citizens. No,I kid. I definitely think there's some snobbery, on my part, going on here. But I think this is something that's interesting about bike culture, at least in New York. Your bike becomes an extension of yourself and a status symbol.

The Jamis Coda is actually a road bike with flat bars, so putting drops on it will work just fine. I've enjoyed riding it a lot, but i do find when I'm trying to speed up or go up heels, I'm leaning forward as much as possible and would appreciate the drops.

The Texas Ranger presses on.

Leo Horishny

oh Josh, I don't think you can get away ANYwhere in the US without your bike being seen as an extension of yourself and a status (or lack thereof) symbol.
It's unfortunately part of why there aren't more people riding bikes, imo.

Matt the new rider, thanks for your thoughts. As someone who also started up years after riding as a kid, I came to it as a rational option to not paying for gas and as a way to avoid paying for car maintenance and upkeep.

I'm glad your learning experiences have not been any more hazardous and as someone who's been there, read all you can on the net about safe riding and monitor a bike forum or two for a while. It's time well spent in picking up tips and good practices (by learning consensus from multiple points of view).

As for soccer mom capris, although I'm tooting my own horn, I am starting to believe the time is now for New York cyclists to take up the historic term and bring back the knickerbocker to the wider fashion awareness. Lord knows, they're not nearly as stupid looking as the 'pants on the ground' style and it's past time for a new style for bicyclists other than lycra and nylon race jerseys!
(not that there's anything wrong with them)


I happen to like my capri pants. Not divorced. Not fanny-packed. But a mom...who ride a road bike in her capri workout pants....


i'm sorry, but is this about you, your bike, you comfort, your enjoyment? or is this about what someone on a road bike thinks about you? just ride it!


I'm definitely a "Trek rider", but my bike has gotten an average of 150 miles per month (mostly commutes to work and weekend fun rides), and my car has seen continually less use as the weather gets nicer.
If Dockers made a mens knicker pant (I LOVE riding in my Dockers work pants), I'd buy a few pairs immediately.
Loving this series!

Leo Horishny

Johnnytrashbike, I said there wasn't anything wrong with lycra and jerseys, but choices are always good and bike knickers (manpris sounds too cutesy) are a practical clothing design.
We are drifting into another fashion head butt and although it's not necessary, apparently 'proper' bicycle fashion viewpoints are inherent with bicycling. In 1896 there were heated opinions as to rational cycle clothing: http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&d=ST18970402.2.18


Seeing that you like vintage bikes, it's interesting that you didn't consider a city bike with North Road bars. If I were you, I'd think about something like the KHS Green, Trek Belleville, Breezer Uptown (3 or 8, depending on the hills where you live), Gran Royale Aristocrat, Gary Fisher Simple City, Schwinn Coffee...many of which can be had for less than $500 new.


Thats what I was thinking. Mustache or North Roads are a great compromise. Mustache with a low rise stem will get you almost as low as the drops, while being more versatile.


Capri pants, divorced, fanny pack. What on earth. I am surprised someone so narrow minded and judgemental rides a bike.

Britney Simpson

I have been thinking about starting biking here in Florida. I am a small person and need something comfortable and not expensive. What do you suggest?


You know , I enjoy the bike hack series, and now the internalized thinking that goes along with biking process,But fanny packs and capris pants (thanks for the idea) aside, the fact is , your getting older, This means that you will be replaying the thinking over and over as time goes by.and as a 60yr old with a split chest, the thinking gives different results.
So the question is, " Why aren't you talking about this now?

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