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ray ban

around the tabs and your device as extra security...)


The point of a helmet is to absorb and dissipate any shock caused by impact due to hitting your head on the ground.
With these lights, if you hit the ground head-first, the impact might hit just the light, and travel vertically onto a single point on your head, leading to injury. Not sure I think this hack is a good idea.


"With these lights, if you hit the ground head-first, the impact might hit just the light, and travel vertically onto a single point on your head, leading to injury."

LOL. Always one in the crowd...

In over 40 years of cycling, I've never fallen to the ground and hit my head.
However, I have had numerous near misses from cars suddenly pulling out of driveways, and speeding through intersections illegally.

Statistically speaking then, it's smarter for me to increase my visibility than worry about striking my head in the exact spot as my light happens to be mounted and in such a way that it causes the light to be punched through the helmet and into my brain.

I'll stick with the lights... :D


@Ethan - on a "bicycle style" helmet that will self-destruct on impact, that would be a concern. but on a hard-shell "skate style" helmet, not so much. the outer shell will disperse the energy over a wider area and the inner shell (styrofoam) is there to compress and absorb the energy that would otherwise be absorbed by the head/brain.

i wouldn't worry about this on a hard-shell skate-style helmet. OTOH i wouldn't attach anything to a bicycle-style helmet.


@Ethan - I agree, I've had a spill while I hit some black ice. The bike slid out sideways from me and I hit the side of my head on the road, right where I had a turtle light strapped to the side of my helmet. The helmet was a write-off.

I'm sure it caused more damage then if I'd had no light.
I had a very specific sore spot on my head for a week.

I've moved my turtle lights down to the chin strap just under the brim of the helmet, it seems much safer now.

I was once told that skate style helmets have impact rating for much slower speed then the foam+shell deformable style bike helmets.

coventry recycled cycles

Brilliantly simple hack which i'm going to have a go at tomorrow- i reckon i'm much harder to hit if my heads all lit up


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