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John Byrne

Maybe it is just a piece of rag to use for cleaning one's hands if you have to make a chain or tire adjustment.

Rob the Aussie

I am non-plussed as to why a bike needs to be called a "whip". Whip already has a perfectly good meaning, and so does "bike". OK, language can be colourful, but how did the "whip" usage come about?


the denim - maybe he didn't have any old socks?



@Rob the Aussie....here's the deal.

Once upon a time in America, people used horse drawn carriages to move from place to place. Actual whips were used to encourage the horses to move faster. Eventually automobiles replaced horses and early steering wheels were called "whips." The term languished for years until the invention of hip hop, whereupon some artists resurrected the old term and used it to refer to nice cars. Eventually the term meant any car at all. Then it just meant anything, including bicycles, that'll get you from here to there.

Now you can get your plus back!


Nice history about whips. Thanks, I didn't know that.

Rob the Aussie

Thanks, Bren.
whip = Car steering wheel = nice car = bike.
That all makes sense - in a yank sort of way :)

Philip M

The saddle looks like it might be one which has a hole in the middle of it for comfort considerations, hence the denim wrapped underneath may be to prevent water/spray that gets flicked up from the rear tyre from soaking the cyclists bum.

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