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Am I the only one who is a little puzzled by a bike thief who's willing to remove the fork, brakes, and derailleur but doesn't have bolt cutters?


Bolt cutters wouldn't work on that U-lock. The rest of the stuff is just Allen wrenches, QR's and time.

Actually if you look he probably DID have a set of bolt cutters as the chain is missing as well as a probable cable lock as evidenced by its mount.

Yet another reason to check out my buddy's locking tips page: http://www.mechbgon.com/lock/index.html


Why would they steal the headset? I call shenanigans.

Ron Ablang

It's bad. The kind of world we live in now where it's not good to have nice things unless you can keep an eye on them at all times.

Luckily thieves are for the most part, cowards.


the last few times i was in DC, me a few hundred of my closest friends were surrounded by riot police... i guess they took the day off ;)

the mounting-bracket (on the seat-tube) looks like a standard kryptonite U-lock mounting bracket, like what would come with the lock holding the bike's carcass to the meters.

i wonder how long it took for that bike to get stripped. if it's within 24 hours i'd be alarmed, but if it'd been there for a few weeks then it's hard to act surprised... not that i'm condoning it.

it's weird that there's enough "slack" in the U-lock that it could be easily busted, with the right tool, but no one bothered. that's a sign of crackheads of low-skill junkies... the kind of s**tbags that would steal the battery out of a parked car so they can get $5 for it at the recycling center.

i wonder how much longer the water-bottle-cage and the crank-set will stay there...?

lesson learned... if you want to keep your bike's frame, just lock up the frame ;)



@ Atom I don't think so. I have an Evo 4 and that doesn't look like the bracket that came with it (not that the bracket worked for me) it honestly looks like a Kryptonite cable bracket to me. Whatever.

@ Wicked Headsets aren't that hard to pop. It could have been something nicer than usual (coulda been a King for all we know) all you'd need would be a bit of pipe and something to whack it with.


I'm late to reading this article, but it totally reminded me of a night I was walking around campus years ago, I saw a seat attached to a lock...no bike! Made me wonder how people are getting accepted to college, lol

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