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obvious additions to the list would be nail polish to touch up scratches on the frame and milk crate baskets.

You know those crummy plastic belt clips that come when you buy a cheap case for your mp3 player? I used to have one on my handlebars to mount my mp3 player (which I use with open headphones designed for runners -- but I might try the one-bud idea, too). worked pretty well.


It's actually illegal in New York to ride with "headphones". I suppose wearing one 'headphone' would leave interpretation up to a cop, and ultimately a judge.


Hmmmm . . . drivers are also supposed to be subject to fines of up to $250 if they honk their horn in Manhattan. Every single day I hear a minimum of 30 horn blasts on my commute and you know how many tickets I have seen issued in seven years?




I recently came across a recommendation for something called One Good Earbud (onegoodearbud.com) which apparently solves some of the problems involved with using only one earbud (stereo mix becoming unbalanced, other earbud dangling annoyingly, etc.). Haven't tried it yet, so no personal experience to relate.


I've rigged a pair of small, battery-operated, water-proof speakers on my handlebars to get around the biking w/ audio issues - and they get a lot of compliments, too. I'd probably market them if I had some investment capital...

I also use a small neoprene case to keep my cyclometer-sized, Walgreens mp3 player easily in thumbs reach on one of my bar-ends. This bare-bones $40 player has itself proved remarkably durable. Its simplicity and placement help minimize in-transit fumbling, and I don't sweat the likelihood it may bite the big one like I did with my iPod.

Another necessity in my commute is coffee, but I cringe at the thought of taking a new paper cup with a new paper sleeve and a new plastic lid, every, time, I buy a coffee. An absolute must, therefore, is the bottlecage-sized stainless steel not-actually-thermos-brand thermos I use daily. It's easy to clean, way more green, and I'm charged for a 12 oz though it holds more than fifteen.

One more for ya - just about any old shower cap with an elastic mouth will serve as perfect helmet and/or seat protection for those of you riders on the storms.

Every day cycling!


I was going to suggest a shower cap, too. I take them when I leave hotel rooms, but I've seen packs of them in dollar stores.

The other thing would be a small camera, if you don't have one on your phone, or if you don't carry a phone. Useful in some situations, but also fun.


I'm surprised zip ties aren't on this list. But I guess their practically a bike component at this point.


They're, stupid typo.

close interval surveys

I totally go along you! I have often felt that way but nobody really would like to take it as seriously as we do apparently. Excellent blog anyway, I am going to have to stop by more frequently.


Found this site via Make, really cool stuff! I've recently begun bike commuting (although it's only a few miles) and I love it. Thanks for the practical advice.

I wanted to mention that solid cognitive science research suggests that driving while intently listening to someone talk dramatically increases the risk of getting in an accident. The idea is that you have a finite amount of attention to deploy to the tasks at hand, and so as more mental resources are being devoted to what you're hearing, less are available to process and react to what you're seeing. I would imagine that the same concept applies to bicycling, and so I implore you to be careful. I understand that it must get boring doing the same commute day after day...but the consequences of not paying the fullest attention on a bike are much more severe than getting into a fender bender during rush hour.

Dominic Caraccilo

The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.


The other thing would be a small camera, if you don't have one on your phone, or if you don't carry a phone. Useful in some situations, but also fun.

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