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Donald Hayward

I have an Airzound. It's louder than a car horn. It's so totally worth the $20 I paid for it.


+1 AirZound

if anyone knows where to find a self-contained (horn and tank as a single unit, not tethered like the airzound) refillable air-horn, please post a link.

i ring my bell before i get too close to pedestrians. when they hear it, they've got plenty of time to casually move to one side of a shared path.

early warning != dirty looks

of course half the time these #u@-$* have their reality disposal devices (aka i-pods) firmly installed and turned to 11. i've been stuck behind fat-ass pedestrians who don't even hear the airzound right behind them!! at that point there's no reasonable alternative but a friendly tap against their leg with my front tire and then, while shouting obscenities that they can't actually hear, preempt them in any contest of dirty looks.

for pedestrians that do maintain some awareness of their surroundings, a bright front blinky (yes, even in daytime) also gives them notice that there's a bike coming.

Jens Arne Männig

My own AirZound was lasting for about two years until it was broken. When the pneumatic hose gets in touch with other plastic parts of the bike (like casing of cables and else), some the softeners seem to disappear and the hose will break. I didn't find a similar flexible hose for replacement, so I finally removed the AirZound from my bike again.

Though the AirZound is really noisy in the summer and when the pressure tank is full, it will sound very poor sometimes during the winter time or not at all if some passers-by discovered it on your parked bike and had some fun with it. At the end, I decided to return to my traditional warning method: YELLING! Your own voice is always at hand, ready to use and needs no service or refills. Plus, it is legal. The AirZound isn't, at least not here in good old overregulated Germany.

Ron Ablang

Whenever I'm about to approach pedestrians from behind, I usually back pedal a bit so they can hear the chain of my bike.

I've never gotten a dirty look b/c it doesn't make a startling sound.

Air Horn Kit

Very nice writeup on a good way to alert folks that you are there! Got to be careful on those bikes!

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