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Mark Soderlund

I was in Portland last month for business and found that you can get your bike from the airport to downtown easily. They have a light rail from the airport and there are hangers for bikes in the trains. My ride from the airport was only $2.30.

Ben W

I've taken the Amtrak Cascade train between Seattle and Portland. It's truly fantastic. Walk the bike right through the station, get your ticket, roll up to the baggage car, unclip your panniers, hand them your bike, and go find your seat. It's really that easy.

King Street station in Seattle is downtown, you roll off the train and find yourself right between Pioneer Square and the International District. The Waterfront and stadiums are within several blocks. Portland's station isn't precisely downtown, but it's a quick ride.

If you use this service and like it, send Amtrak an e-mail and ask for MORE. This kind of mixed-mode traveling is something flying could never match, and it's unfortunate Amtrak doesn't offer this roll-up bike service on more routes.


Amtrak is doing something right here. Which from my experience with them is truly amazing.
The flight from PDX to SEA is $80 (not including the minimum $50 heavy checked bag fee), compared to the $29 for the train, this is a no brainer.
However, if your time is important, the flight time is 45 minutes. If you show up two hours early, which you don't really need to if travelling on a weekday and not during a holiday week, the total time is 2 hours, 45 minutes. Still less than the 3 hours, 30 minutes that the train offers.
Still, with the perks of going by train, I would definitely choose the train over the plane. The scenery and ease of travelling with a bike is great and I would want to support them for their great idea.

-Sam (Former Horizon Air Employee)

Andrew Lievertz

On our summer tour of the West coast, we flew into Seattle (from Florida) and picked up our bicycles at http://www.bikesogood.com (Bike So Good) in Seattle before taking the Amtrak along Puget Sound to Vancouver to start the trek South to San Francisco.

The Amtrak was the variety with the hangers in the cargo area. We were not allowed to leave any of our panniers on the bikes, but there was enough storage in the passenger area to accommodate our full packs.

Customs into Canada by train was a much easier affair than my air-travel experiences. And at only +$5 for the bike transport, I cannot recommend this mode of travel enough--even if only to glimpse a part of the country where roads don't go!

Unfortunately from Florida we did not have a clear and direct Amtrak route to the Northwest or else we might have bucked the air travel altogether.

Good luck with this trip, and don't forget the camera!

- Andy

Modem Fox

I couldn't find contact info to e-mail you but wanted to show you this:


Amtrak is adding bicycle racks to the Capitol Limited between D.C. and Chicago, which will be a fantastic way to get to the trail-head for the Pittsburgh to D.C. rail trail.



Hey, I can't even get the local real estate developed to add a bike RACK to their mall. I enjoy the west coast bicycling culture!

Chris G.

I take my bike on the Amtrak corridor all the time. The Northeast Regional allows passengers to carry on their folding bikes. I ride my bike to the station, fold it up, hop on the train, hop off the train, unfold my bike and go off to my final destination. Easy.

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