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Fix it before it happens. Remove your set post and stem at least once a year and regrease it. A real bike shop could have gotten that post out. Always grease any bolts and screws before you install them. I also remove and clean my chain and rings and cog set every 200 miles. Just like a car your bike needs some TLC.


I wonder if turning a can of compressed air upside down and spraying a ton of it into the seatpost while a hot towel was wrapped around the seat tube would work. Never did it with a bike but its worked for me on other random things.


Great hack.
A bike I have originally had a quill style seat posts at some point. I think it was made by campagnolo.


I am sure he could have gotten it out by installing an old stem and pounding it out using the part where the handlebars go as your pounding point.


Yeah, no, that's a fail.


Needless hacks like this are a poor substitute for proper wrenching.


I'd say fail up to the point of chopping the existing post. But if one were to come across a free bike with an already-chopped seatpost, then this solution would qualify as a hack.


Yes you said right. I also think like that he could have gotten it out by installing an old stem and pounding it out using the part where the handlebars go as your pounding point.


The vertical hacksaw trick only works if you leave enough to grip with a pair of vice grips. There's also the concept of making multiple cuts rather than pull something like this.


Hello, I´m from argentina, and I will try to be as clear as posible.
If yor seat post is broken, maybe yo can pull the broken part of the frame by using the pieces shown in the image. And ther replacing a new part


I'm the OP.

FYI, this was a garage sale bike I picked up for $100 for a biking / camping trip.

I never thought of the solutions proposed by ME and sourceoutdoors. I wonder if the 'off centre' pounding wouldn't do more damage than it would solve? When I replace this bike, I'll put your solution to the test.

At any rate, I just returned from a five-day trip on the beautiful Gulf Islands off Canada's West Coast and the seat gave me no grief whatsoever.

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