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I think these products are just gimmicks. I rode 146 miles yesterday, partially in the rain, and while my seat bones get a little sore from sitting all day, I did just fine. I think if chaffing is a concern, than you should learn how to move less while in the seat. It's a little bit counter-intuitive, but a smaller seat helps. Anyone who thinks a bit seat is more comfy doesn't ride very far. The wider a seat is, the more your legs will rub on it, since you move your legs up and down while your bum shouldn't be moving at all.

Antiperspirants are awful in my opinion too. We sweat for a reason, and if you are blocking that sweat that you will only get hotter and try to sweat more. Just leave some changes of clothes at work, bring some washcloths, and take a few minutes to clean off.

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