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The only thing that gains is additional wind drag and weight.

Bob Baxter

Don't be too quick to judge. This appears to be a form of Savonius Rotor and though they are usually mounted vertically he probably does get some assist from it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savonius_wind_turbine


Regardless (beep) of whether or not (beep, beep) it actually works (beeeeeeeep), it certainly is (beeeep, beep)an attention (beep) getter (beeeeeeeep).


basic physics

Not helping at all. The engery used to create wind across the turbine is created by him, so any energy gained from the turbine isn't really adding benefit.


To the poster by the name of basic physics,
Wind does not come from people...often.


This seems kind of silly. It would only be advantageous if there is a tailwind in which it would provide power, or in the case of a headwind it might add power but likely would just increase wind resistance.

Seems a bit like a faulty perpetual motion machine. Unless of course as mattyfu pointed out the driver is creating a significant source of . . . wind.

Nate J.

Wouldn't it be better to install propellers on a bar up there to collect the wind power, convert it to electric, and then use the electricity to run a power assist motor?


Yep it's deffinitely a savonius turbine!! Genious!! Im gonna put one on my bike, and two on my car!!


Add a generator to charge an ipod/phone and he'd really have something.


it probably works like a flywheel. Once started by himself, it helps him cruise for a minute without pedaling


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